Copic Haul Aug 2014

Hey Crafters!! I purchased 35 Copic markers for my Birthday!! Yay!! My first Copics. LOL Scroll all the way to the bottom for some crafter’s links that I found helpful and interesting.


I’ve been investigating and making notes all year about these miraculous markers. I purchased some MFT A La Mode and Pure Innocence girls earlier this year and have had a ball coloring them with my Bic Mark Its and it’s pushed me over the edge to a point where I knew I had to have Copics!
I love shopping at Scrap-Mart, they have free shipping on a lot of items, including Copics!! Yay!!

I chose the colors that I wanted, unfortunately Scrap-Mart didn’t have all of the markers I ordered by the time they filled my order but they did have a 20% off sale going. And I made a 2nd order with JoAnn’s Online, they had a special $2.99 shipping. So I got my 35 markers from both places for $160.19, a mere $28.54 less than a 36 piece kit. If I had it to do again, I would probably just order a kit. There are nice options in both 24 piece and 36 piece, but they just didn’t seem to have all of the colors I wanted.
Click here for my Haul Video

Yes, I am shameless, a tongue tied plug about my unexpected encounter with Laurence Fishburne @ Greenblatt’s Deli, during my copic haul video. Any mention of West HOLLYWOOD, CA will take me there in an instant for the rest of my life. I will get around to posting about it and a few more cellebrity sitings and some pictures.

Here are the colors I chose:
Two, 0 Blender markers
No. 0 Neutral Gray (pale gray)
E00 Skin White (caucasian)
Two by accident, Y32 Cashmere (pale yellow)
E95 Flesh Pink (peachy skin tone is almost the same thing as R12 below)
E70 Ash Rose (tan skin tone)
Y26 Mustard (a wheat color)
E35 Chamois (a deep tan)
E27 Africano (dark brown)
Y13 Lemon Yellow (bright yellow)
Y18 Lightning Yellow (almost neon yellow)
YG06 Yellowish Green (a deep pastel green)
YG25 Celadon Green (yellow version of
G07 Nile Green (good strong grass green)
G99 Olive (dark olive green)
B0000 Pale Celestine (pale light blue)
B12 Ice Blue (a fresh med. pastel blue)
B14 Light Blue (intense medium blue)
B18 Lapis Lazuli (dark indigo blue)
V09 Violet (deep purple)
V22 Ash Lavender (pale gray purple)
BV11 Soft Violet (lilac purple)
BV13 Hydrangea Blue (deep almost denim blue purple)
RV52 Cotton Candy (pale pastel pink)
RV55 Hollyhock (deep strong pink)
R56 Currant (paler mauve)
R59 Cardinal (fresh deep red cherries)
RV69 Peony (deeper than R59, just darker)
R12 Light Tea Rose (light peach, a tad lighter than E95 above)
YR68 Orange (good medium orange)
R14 Light Rouge (deep medium orange)
R17 Lipstick Orange (red orange, a couple of steps deeper than R14)
R29 Lipstick Red (a clear medium red, true cool red)

I need some more skin tones and the refill for E00. These are on my wish list:
Baked Clay E99 (wet cat pot color)
Pale Fruit Pink E000 (just a tinge darker than Skin White E00)
Barely Beige E11 (very neutral looking beige on SD’s skin tone list)
Lt Suntain E13 (nice beige)
Special Black 110 (looks like a very dark gray-on line)
Atoll YR65 (a bright light orange, looks like the Bic Summer Melon I use a lot)
Yellow Y06 (pale yellow I don’t need, looks darker online than the Y13 I have)
Tahitian Blue B04 (med. blue that I want for my Bic-Hot Aqua a deep teal)
or Process Blue B05 (med. blue deeper than B04)
or Petroleum Blue BG07 (med. blue green toward teal)
Pale Purple RV000 (barely there pink ? is how it looks online)
Raspberry RV66 (mauve purple)
Prawn R24 (orange/rosey blush, I’m drawn to it!, it’s very similar to R43)
or Coral R35 (pinky blush…I will need to see how similar it is to R43)
or Bougainvillaea R43 (peachy pink) Just pick one! LOL
Cool Gray C1 (pale gray darker than No. O Gray-the palest one)
Cool Gray C4 (a nice gray between C1 and my Bic Mark it Cloud Nine gray)
Pistachio G43 (almost a florescent green-how it looks online)

Jennifer McGuire’s Copics

Suzanne Dean’s Copics List (you will have to click through, start list, blending list, etc. to see her lists and jot them down or download the lists)

Sandy Allnock’s Skin Tones Video

September 2014 Name Tags

Hey Crafters!! Happy Fall! Time is hurtling past me as what ever I have hurt above my lumbar fusion is taking it’s toll on me, and I’m late with this tag…

This month’s tag is made using a home made stamp that my Katie made in 2001, when she was 12. LOL I made table clothes, for my mother and myself, stamping the leaf in acrylic paint probably the year Katie made this stamp. And it’s always a nice surprise, when Fall rolls around, each year, and I reach for that gorgeous table cloth. I forget about these fun things I have made years ago!


I needed something quick and easy, so the rock’n roll technique fits that bill nicely! My cards are cut to 3 1/4 in. x 2 1/2 in. to fit the name badges from Wal-mart, heavy weight white card stock by The Paper Studio, picked up at my local Hobby Lobby. Leaf stamped with Stampin’UP! inks in Pumpkin Pie and the edges rolled in Cherry Cobbler for the first generation leaf stamped on the R side of the card. Then, second generation stamping on the left side of the card, without re-inking the leaf stamp, breathing on it to reactive the ink. I almost like that 2nd generation leaf better! LOL Then, clipping the corners with a corner rounder and sponging around the edges of the tags with Rich Razzleberry. The month, Sep. was stamped in Ranger’s Archival Jet Black ink, with The Months of the Year calendar set by, The Paper Studio. Copics R17 Lipstick Red and RV69 Peony to color in the veins of the leaves.


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Wedding Card, David & Jennette Oct 2014

Hey Crafters!! Fall is upon us! And lots of rain here in S.W. Missiouri. I’m so far behind on posting my crafty stuff.

I got to know Jennette on our trip to W. Hollywood, California in August. She and I went along with our guys, while they attended some work training. What a fun trip! I have yet to do a full post about it. We shared a hotel room with them, since the guys were already roomed together and the rooms were $375.00 per night.

I have never met anyone that I have so much in common with, besides my bestie from my childhood.
Jennette is so much fun, she is the age of my daughter and we just chatted the time away. While on our trip, we also shopped and perused some lovely cream colored wedding gowns and her finger nails were painted a lovely light blue. I used both for inspiration while creating her wedding card.

My base card ended up being this odd card stock, picked up at Wal-mart, it’s a weird Kraft by Colorbok, with a very smooth surface. But it’s the best I had in a neutral color, 8 1/2 in. x 11 in., scored @ 5 1/2″ and folded in half.

The Bride and Groom die is from Quickutz, it’s a cookie cutter die set. The Bride and Groom were cut in Black CS. A white scrap of CS was added behind the Groom to mimic his shirt and left sleeve cuff. The die packaging shows the flower in the bride’s hair, but I chose to use it as boutineer in blue to match the bouquet. The scroll stamp is from, Print Works-Elegant Patterns Q027, stamped in an Arch around the couple, in Stampin’UP! Crumb Cake ink. Copics E35 and Y26 were doodled underneath the Bride and Grooms feet to mimic the floor.


Her Dress was created by cutting the Bride a second time in Cream colored CS. I cut the head off with small scissors. The fed the neck through the back of a Martha Stewart heart punch, so that the top of the heart would make a Sweet Heart neck line/breast line. The sash was cut in blue CS and doodled on with Copic marker B12.

I used a ProvoCraft embossing folder (?) all over the dress, if you know the name of it , please share it with me. LOL Copic NO. Neutral Gray was drawn over the raised areas of the embossing as well as doodled around the edges of the dress and to mimic drape lines and extra lace in the front of the leg area and even over the feet. I was so tempted to darken the feet to a dark gray or black, but I resisted. I’m still not sure if it was the right choice! LOL Home made envelope to fit the card.

There is a veil die with this set, but I didn’t take Jennette as a veil kind of girl and decided to use the single flower in her hair, it was cut in Cream CS too and doodled on with Copic marker NO. Neutral Gray and G99 Olive (green)for the leaves. The bouquet was cut in Blue CS and I used the G99 Olive in random directions for leaves of roses, by just laying the brush tip sideways and stamping with it. (I wondered if I could do that and it was Very Cool indeed, that it worked). I cut 6 flowers in Blue and doodled on them with Copics B12 or B14 ? for the rose part and G99 for the leaves. The bouquet was raised up on 2 foam squares, the 5 outer flowers were glued down with dots of Glossy Accents (but I layed them on very gently, so they wouldn’t lie completely flat) and then popped up the center flower on 2 layers of foam squares cut really tiny. (the edges of the foam double sided mounting tape, were disguised by coloring the edges with the G99 Copic marker).


I LOVE it! I was so pleased with myself and this card. LOL However, her wedding dress was knee lenght. She had a wreath of orange and cream colored flowers in her hair and I felt as if I’d failed. A few days later David told me how she loved the card. When I shared with him my thoughts of failure he reassured me that blue was her favorite color. LOL So, I didn’t do too bad after all.

Acrylic Painting Class Aug. 2014

Hey Crafters!! In August, Katie surprised me with an Acrylic painting class for my birthday, at a local shop in Downtown Springfield, MO. What a fun surprise! She’d made me pick a date from 3 days near my birthday and told me not to wear good clothes. LOL The day I chose, was called Fiery Trees. We hit a local coffee shop right before class, also a fun treat.

My Sweet Katie, she always comes up with a fun thing to do, or makes me some fun personalized, stitched or pottery goodies.

The instructors were so sweet and kind. The class was 2 hours long. I have painted in Acrylics more than any other medium and I love the Donna Dewberry technique. With Donna’s technique, you double load your paint brush with a dark and a light paint that gives you highlights and shading all in one fell swoop. Yes, it’s perfect for those of us who don’t know how to highlight or shade. But, this class was a bit intimidating, especially due to the time limit of 2 hours.

Katie and I with our paintings. LOL Why wasn’t I smiling? I always think I am. I’m so tired these days, whatever I’ve hurt above my rods and screws is really sapping my energy.

I was nervous, not knowing what we were going to be doing. Some of the paint brushes were so worn out, which made them hard to use. I did ask for a better brush for Katie, when she got frustrated half way through our paintings. I liked Katie’s painting better than mine. LOL

If you look at this last picture, mine is on the left. We started at the white space (where there is NO paint) and worked our way out from there. I followed the directions for a 4 inch radius and then completely lost the concept of blending the colors from one to another and just did my own thing. I don’t know if it was the ragged brushes or just me! It was still a fun experience, all things considered, I would do it again. They also have a class where you send in a picture of your pet and they sketch it out for you on the canvas, and all you have to do is fill it in. Wouldn’t that be fun?


Chef Card with Matching Aprons Sept. 2014

Hey Crafters!! What is cuter than an adorable Chef birthday card for my daughter, Katie’s 25th birthday? This is a retired SU set called, Viola~ I altered my chef a little bit by drawing a new arm and disguising it under the fabricated dish towel, which is not part of this image either. And added a pot holder from a quickutz dress up chef set to balance it all out and mimicked the colors in the apron fabrics for the card. Paper pieced the pants because my chef is stamped behind the square punched floor tiles! LOL

A matching apron, of course! And it’s too cute, if it’s a mini apron, right?

And what’s cuter than a card with matching apron? Hmmm…how about a Mama Apron and a Baby Apron to match.

I’ve been dying to make matching Aprons for Katie and Millie, since I made Amber’s Apron for her birthday Last June 2013, that I’ve apparently failed to post and since I have a terrible Love/Hate relationship with iphone/icloud/iphoto, I’ve already deleted the photos of it and the fabrics! Because my phone is full and in order to take photos in W. Hollywood California in August 2014, I had to delete a ton of stuff!! Oye… I need an external hard drive, seriously. Of course, if my 32 G of computer space still had space, so I could download my photos to the computer, I’d be just fine. But NO…and the “computer guy” said I would never fill the 32 Gigs of space!! Even though I take a ton of photos and videos. Obviously, he had no idea what he was talking about because I filled it in 12 months. EEK!! What the bleepety bleep? So, it was a cute black, green, white and red ruffled apron.

So…Anyhoo, I’m a fabric nut too. I don’t buy much, now that I have my die and stamp addiction, but I used to. And would bring home remnants all the time. As I was paging through fabrics, I knew this fabby Chef print would be perfect for Aprons! It’s a Daisey Kingdom print, which I didn’t know until I started chopping it all up. The day I cut it into Apron pieces, I had not said a word to Millie (my 2 year old grand baby). She’s sitting at the table with me, just turned 2 in June, and says, “Making birthday for the Mama.” How precious is that! And as I gave her each scrap to play with, she says, “Thank You, Nana.” Me, “You’re Welcome, Baby.” She is my Honey Baby and my Honey Business. ;)
Eeeeee! (Happy Sound) I’m so tickled with them and so was Katie.

This is a terrible picture. I really hate ipad 2 when it comes to photos. If you’re not perfectly still and have perfect lighting, you’re sunk. And I rarely have either…


Katie and I had matching aprons, when she was little and it’s was just so fun cooking together in our aprons. More good memories to come…

We celebrated Jon and Katie’s birthdays together this year, since we missed Jon’s the week I had my fabulous encounter with Laurence Fishburn in good ole’ Hollywood! Yes, I’m going to milk it for all it’s worth! Did I mention, this Beautiful man’s voice is like melted butter…even in person…eep! I just got goose bumps. LOL Back to the birthday post, Paulette!

I made cherry pie, only there was a wee little problem. LOL I won’t tell if you don’t.

Cherries are $4+ dollars a can. And it’s a good thing I keep a clean microwave! I got the best scrapper out of the kitchen drawer and put it all in a rolled out pie crust.

Thank goodness for these left over crusts that I froze from the last time I made pie!

And all is well, with some sprinkled sugar on top just like MawMaw used to do.

And this fabby 10 minute cake, which is so rich and yummy. Buy a chocolate cake mix, mix it up, pour it into a microwave bundt type pan (I failed to put the cone in this time, but it was okay). Buy chocolate frosting, but NOT the whipped kind, regular chocolate frosting and drop spoonfulls of it around on top of the cake mix. Bake in the microwave for 10 minutes. Let sit for 10 minutes. Then dump out onto a plate (that can hold the cake and drippy frosting). *Note, my microwave is too hot for the straight 10 minutes. So, I set it for 5 minutes and let the cake set for 2 minutes or so and then run it for the other 5 minutes. If I don’t do this, I have a cake mess, like the cherry pie mess above! Dooley noted. LOL


Water Color Pencil Big Mouth Bass Card 2014

Hey Crafters!! We missed Jon’s 29th birthday in August due to our quick trip to West Hollywood, Ca., for Mike’s work, where I found myself face to face with the BEAUTIFUL man, Laurence Fishburne, which I will cherish and ramble about probably forever!! Because I live under a rock, and he was so gracious and sweet, but that is for another post.

I have long loved water color, but never been brave enough to try it until I started following Lindsey The Frugal Crafter ,she does so many different forms of artsy crafty things and she’s a hoot! One of my favorite things about her, is she encourages everyone to take a leap of faith and just go for it and have fun! I did her recent pen and paint Corn tutorial 3 times. LOL And I kind of like each one, but for different reasons and I will share those soon. In some of her recent tutorials, she uses water color pencils or crayons with her water color paints too. I have an old water color pencil set that Grandma Karen bought for one of the kids eons ago as Jon and Katie are now 29 and 25. Its a Gallaxy wood boxed set that looks like a little brief case and it has many pencils. Lindsay also encourages you to use what you have on hand. Perfect!!

So, here’s my first colored pencil, sketched drawing, diltued with water. LOL By the time I got done and realized there was no sky, I ended up dragging a light blue pencil onto my paint brush and swiping it across the sky. I ended up using the 1/2″ flat brush’s chisel tip the most, the smaller round brushes just didn’t do much. I tried to do as Lindsay does, and I used some of the colors in different areas to make my painting more cohesive. Like, the blue added to the cat tails because I used it in the water and the sky. And I used green in the water because I used it on the fish and the leaves of the cat tails.


I’m not entirely thrilled with this fish, but he will serve his purpose for a birthday card for my son, who is so active in many different things from Moto Cross/Kayaking/Boating/Fishing/Rifle-Bow Hunting/Skiing/Wakeboarding/Painting Cars/Welding/Woodworking, etc. There isn’t anything this kid can’t do! And I always try to address one of these. LOL I wanted an action fish with tail swooshed forward on the line. I’m not an artist by any stretch of the imagination and I’m so…weird?…I’ve got to have a picture to go by and I couldn’t find the right one, so I had to combine my efforts from 2 different pictures from a fishing magazine. The head of one fish and the body of another. I was so inspired by the head of what was probably a rainbow trout, but it was only the head out of the water and the side and under view of that! I’m not good enough to pull from memory even though I’ve seen a LOT of fish in my life time. Plus, I have a huge hang up about things being in perspective. Not necessarily real, but in the proper proportions. Ugh…now this means, I’m out there on the chopping block, but time was of the essence because I fly by the seat of my pants and have to roll on regardless of how I feel about my efforts or any mistakes that occur along the way!

This card is an 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece of card stock folded in half, scored @ 5 1/2″. Canson Water color paper applied to the folded base with ATG and I ended up drawing a line around the water color piece with a fine tip black marker, to help it pop. It really needed a layer of black card stock, but I don’t like all of that weight on the front of the card! Yes, I’m so weird. LOL And I apparently missed that bleed out on the tail! And I just keep telling myself, it’s a Water Color. HaHaHa! Oh my…well, I was showing this card to Katie, and I said did you see my fish card? Jon, said, it’s a large mouth Bass. Me, Umm….okay, cool! I must not have done too bad if my artistic son knew exactly what it was. LOL

August 2014 Name Tags

Hey Crafters!! Make a Wish. little girl from My Favorite Things and the main sentiment from this set, Butterfly Kisses and Dandilion Wishes, stamped in Tsukineko’s Tuxedo Black ink and colored with Copics in E00, E95, E27, R59, R12, Y32, G07, YG25 and 0 Colorless blender if needed. The Paper Studio heavy white card stock cut to name badge size 2 1/2″ x 3 1/4″, from Wal-Mart. Enjoy!!

View this Video Here


Not, My Little Pony


Hey Crafters!! My grand baby turned 2 in June. Her party was sort of My Little Pony, but we didn’t have any decorations and at her party, the cake had 2 My Little Ponies on it. I wanted to make her a Banner with her name on it. All I had for horses, was a lovely Inkadinkado set called, Horses 99540. I used the large horse head to stamp the horses for each section of the banner, in Memento ink.

I had googled LMP to scope out their colors and hair and started sketching in more hair with a fine tip black Sharpie, some had wings and some had unicorn horns. LOL And of course, there are clouds and castles too! I used Bic Mark It markers to color the horses.

I tried to do that thing…where you fussy cut part of the image and slip a die over the rest, to get some of the image outside of the die. Well, I’m not sure I understand the concept of that! But did my best anyway and spent hours creating the banner and birthday card.

Have you ever spent so much time on a project and not been completely pleased with it? But you reach a point of no return, you’re in too deep to stop. Yep! I was there, but didn’t have time to begin again or go shop for the real thing. I didn’t even see them at Hobby Lobby in the party dept., when I looked later.

The basic shapes for the banner, are a Sizzix die, Cresent Tag? , the small cloud is from Sizzix too, it’s a small thick green die. The circles are from Spellbinders and I let the horses dictate which size I used. The Cresent shapes were stamped with a “daisy” image from Papertrey Ink’s Vintage Picnic stamp set and heat embossed with white powder. The horses were colored with Bic Mark It alcohol markers and I doodled their eyes to be bigger than they are on the stamp, as well as, extended their neck lines downward.

The smaller horses are also from that same Inkadinkado set and I thought there were perfect to hold Millie’s name, which was cut in black card stock with Sizzix Serif Essentials alphabet die set. I love these 2×2 inch letters! The horses were heat embossed with white powder too, so they would tie into the flowers on the banner.

The Castle is an AccuCut Craft Castle Album piece from a 3 pc die set, A1070NHJA, B and C. I love the Jumbo sized dies, they are my favorites from AccuCut. The door and windows are from a Spellbinders nested set, Arched Windows. I doodled on the castle with Bic Mark Its with the help of a ruler for the bricks and free handed the roofs. The fruit on the castle and card are from PTI’s Vintage Picnic, also colored in with Bic markers.

While I was constructing the banner, Millie our 2 year old said, Ponies! So, there you go, toddler approved. HaHa!! She is amazing and understands a vast amount of things already. She loves movies and has been running the iphone photo app for months. She loves to see all of our pictures of family and herself, especially the videos.

I needed a birthday card and it just seemed logical to make it a Castle card to match. I used all 3 die cuts mentioned above. I cut the castle pieces in colored card stock and white, and backed each colored piece with a white piece for stability and this also allowed me to personalize the “inside” of the castle, if you will, by stamping and drawing. A cropodile to punch holes on the left side and tied the pages together with crochet cotton. All images were stamped with Memento and colored with Bic Mark It markers. IMG_6287.JPG
This Pink Pony was suppose to have really curly hair, but in the bustle of creativity that was elluded. LOL And this was one of my favorites from the herd.

I used my glass cutting mat, with grid lines to help me line up the proper length of string, so the small embossed ponies hung the same length from the banner pieces.

This castle piece gave some weight to the banner and made it hang, the way I wanted it to.

Blue Pony

Yellow Pony with Pink hair. I’m not sure why I didn’t fill the mane in more there on the neck? It looks odd, now… LOL

Blue and Purple Pony. This was one of my favorites! I just loved that bold hair and the blunt cut.

Rainbow Pony, eh…this was my second attempt and it was much better than the first one. LOL

Yellow Pony with Cowboy Hat. This one is one of my favorites too, although I liked the first one better, but failed to realize it was one with wings and you’ll see the original one on the video. It was just better, the hat was better.


Click Here for the Video about the Banner and Birthday Card

Amber’s Birthday Gifts, MFT stamped cards & Fabric Lapel Pin 2014

Hey Crafters!! Amber is my Daughter In Law who had a birthday in early June. I made her a set of greeting cards done with the My Favorite Things, A La Modes girls and Pure Innocence girls, plus a fabric flower lapel pin.

Typically you make these fabric pins by melting the fabric discs with a candle, but the satin fabric I chose was too thick and I ended up melting the edges of the petals with my heat tool. Amber loved the cards, but probably not the pin. LOL And Katie, my daughter, was drooling over these cards too! I’ve colored her a set as well, while I was on a crafty roll.

The Pure Innocence girls were all done in the Bic markers. Plus all of the skin tones were done with a Crayola washable marker in a pale skin color, scribbled onto an acrylic block and diluted with water there, then picked up with my aqua painter and applied to the cards.

Here is a close up of the fabric lapel pin. I also made a card to attach it to with Stampin’UP! Oval collection dies by Sizzix.



A few tips on using alcohol markers and Aqua pens on a One Layer card made from card stock for us older girls:
Eat a good meal 30 minutes to an hour before you sit down to color. Drink water, not coffee, if you want a steady hand and have an easier time staying inside the lines. Put a clean piece of card stock under the card while you color, so any bleeding does not marr your counter top or desk. Keep the cards open while coloring, so the alcohol and color does not bleed through, to the inside of your card. You will get a little bleeding to the back of the layer you are coloring on anyway, but this will prevent it from soaking to the inside back, where you normally write your message. Do the same if you are water coloring, like the skin tones, this will keep any moisture from the aqua pen from warping that inside back area, where you write your message.

Click Here to view the MFT cards and Fabric Lapel Pin

Supplies: The Paper Studio heavy white card stock (Hobby Lobby), all stamped in Memento Black ink and colored with Bic Mark It alcohol markers and a few (American Crafts markers only on the Martini Girl cards). The Bic markers are all bold colors and the AC markers offer some softer shades that were perfect for the martini glass, drink liquid and part of the dress saturated with the martinis.

If you’re interested in the candle burned edges, lapel pins…A Link to the 1st Fabric Pin I made in 2012, I could have swore that was last year! LOL

Hobby Lobby, Tim Holtz/Sizzix, MFT ALaModes/PI Girls May 2014

Hey Crafters!! Here are some fun products that I picked up at Hobby Lobby, in May, when all I really needed was some White Card stock! Does that happen to anyone else…or is it just Me? LOL


I really like The Paper Studio’s Heavy weight white card stock, it’s a big step above Georgia Pacific 110 lb, which I have used for years, but it has changed and does not feel as heavy as it once was. Even in spite of my thrifty nature, I am evolving as a paper crafter. Perhaps it’s a natural thing to do, but I just didn’t expect it of myself.

I had to check out HL’s discount wall too. I can’t help it!! I want the most I can possibly purchase with my $Dollar$ and scored the Pediments die, by Tim Holtz and Sizzix. It pairs beautifully with my window and window box die, also by Tim…I’ve mentioned before that this window die cut just makes my heart sing and takes me right to Nanny’s (my maternal Grand Mother), Frontier Curio Shop, where my love of paned windows developed, that are so dear to my heart and childhood. The shop was filled with my Aunt’s antique furniture, that I looked at every day, these pediment die cuts are just the cherry on top of my window die cuts. Especially, the very ornate one! Be still my leaping heart! Do you have any favorites that touch your heart so deeply?

I also found these gorgeous Sizzix embossing folders in a set of 2 called, Rooster Frame & Lemon Label set. They are warped horribly, but work beautifully, and were a steal.

My Favorite Things order….A La Modes girls that I can’t resist: Bewitching (cute witch holding cauldron), Girl Talk (holding cell phone), Rock Star (playing guitar). Pure Innocence girls, A Cart Full of Friends (little girl pulling a cart), Snow Day (bundled up with snow balls), Pucker Up (sitting at lemonade stand). These are so much fun. I already have Martinis On Me (girl sitting in the Martini glass) and Make a Wish (blowing dandilions). These are so much fun and make quick coloring for cute one layer greeting cards. Berrylicious felt that works great with the loopy bloom die, from a previous order. ((These stamps were fun to color with my Bic Mark Its, but have inspired me to order some Copics!! with my birthday money in August….yes, I’m evolving some more.)). LOL I will be sharing soon how I chose my colors and where I shopped online.

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