Dad’s Birthday Card

My Dad’s birthday is on the Labor Day weekend and I typically miss it and or get hung up by the holiday. This year I was going to be on time. I bought this great clear stamp set by Inkadinkado called Horses 99540. I’ve been looking for a “horse” set for a long time and Stampin’UP has a good one in the new June 2012 to May 2013 catalog, which I was going to get it at some point. But I found one that really made my heart sing by Inkadinkado @ my local Michael’s store. When I was growing up, my dad enjoyed oil painting on stretched canvas, he was self taught and the horses he painted were my favorite out of his other works like a field of cows, a mountain side with a large tree in the foreground. I was amazed from the beginning to the end results.

I don’t know a single thing about art other than beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I did take Art Appreciation in HS and Mr. Shelley would tell us that the who’s who of our group would go to parties as adults and discuss fine art that was housed in the Louvre. And I had to just draw stick people to keep up when studying for tests where he would flash Renoir, Picasso and Monet at us on the projector and we would have to name the title of the painting and the artist. LOL And I took art for the first time, in my first and only year of college. The instructor expected us to already know how to draw, shade and highlight and I didn’t know anything about it. I was in band, and they didn’t make us take art or PE, because we got art from music and exercise from marching. So, I didn’t care for art class at all. So,maybe I did learn more than I think in Art Appreciation, I’m all about the details, but not great at adding them. LOL But I have an eye for what is proportionally right or wrong, which is the case in many rubber stamp sets and this makes me pass over a lot of them. There are a lot of great sets out there, but if one of the images is wrong, I won’t get it because I know I will not use it. And sometimes this is frustrating for me, as choosing is always so hard when there are so many things to choose from. But this horse set was right in so many ways, the only thing that would have made it better, would have been rope, horse shoes and sentiments. LOL

I had a tough time as you will see getting the results I wanted. So You will see a couple of total blurbs (two cards that I completely messed up), before I got a decent one and sometimes that is just the way it goes. And it’s okay because it’s just card stock and ink. I rarely throw anything away and I will salvage the good images for future projects and will be relieved to have them in a pinch when I need a fast card. My first attempt was the card with 3 different colored horse done with VersaMark ink and embossing powder. I loved the black horse and the copper horse on the end, but the middle horse was done in a glittery copper and the white powder in that mix ruined this horse and look I was expecting. I will cut this card down and and keep the black and regular copper horses and toss the middle one. The next card attempt was going great. I stamped the horses in VersaMark ink and used clear embossing powder and loved the images. I wanted them to stand out a bit more and used my aqua painter and some SU dye inks in Crumb Cake and Close to Cocoa to shade and color the whole horse images and even a shadow outside the embossing line. Then I decided they needed eyes and this is where I messed up. I used the ZIG Photo Signature marker (it’s the only black marker I have in my art room besides Bic Mark It’s that are too big) and the horse on the left and in the middle was okay. But the horse on the right needed 2 eyes and the embossing was heavier on him so I just drew over the embossing powder, immediately didn’t like it and wiped it with a dry baby wipe, which smeared it. Then I wiped it with a wet baby wipe and it flooded that black color. Create and Learn! LOL The featured card was done with VersaMark ink with the horses all done in black embossing powder, the sentiment done in the regular Copper powder and the Horse Shoes were highlighted with the VersaMarker. My Horse shoes are a bit big, but they are all I’ve got other than some little cowboy boot dies and a small cowboy hat. I stayed with the “horse” theme. 😉

Misc. card stock, VersaMark Ink & Marker, embossing powder in black and copper, Cuttlebug horse shoe die, Inkadinkado Horses 99540.






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