Sizzix Owl #2 Die, Altered!

Hi Crafters! I got this adorable Sizzix Owl #2 die that I ended up altering. And now that it’s showing up in blog land, I’m so curious as to how everyone else dealt with the eye holes because no one has mentioned them. LOL I did a search at Sizzix online it shows the eye holes in red, which usually indicates score lines. My die cuts the eye holes out, which was such a mystery to me in the experimental phase of my card making. I’m not going to recommend that people alter their die. The woody substance under the foam was a terrible mess as you will see in the pictures and video. It VOIDS your warranty to work on a die and it’s very DANGEROUS due to the razor sharp cutting blades. And it was so tough to do. Not to mention, if I were a die artist, I think it would hurt my feelings if someone altered my die and I feel very bad in that respect. Dena Designs dies are so cute. I want the little dog too!

I had already purchased the little owl trinket trays in the $1.00 section at Michael’s at a previous shopping trip, just waiting for some inspiration for a gift card set and Viola`, the owl die appeared! And I just had to have it. I probably should have looked at it in the store better, there is always a test die cut in the package and I’m really glad Sizzix does this. They also show the footprint of the die at their site, which is so helpful when choosing dies. I usually choose my dies based on their versatility and the different things I can use them for. I consider them an investment of tools that I will use for years to come.

My project turned out so sweet and the lady I made them for will love them. Janie taught me how to hand feed exotic baby birds when I was a novice breeder 8 years ago.





5 thoughts on “Sizzix Owl #2 Die, Altered!

  1. So cute, I am using this die to make invitations to my granddaughter’s 1st birthday…was hoping there was a way to block out the eyes without altering the die…hmmm going to have to think on this! With they had thought out this die just a bit better in the design…2 wings would have been nice, rather than 3 eyes! But I just love this project you created!


  2. I too love this die, but hate the eye holes. I usually stop cutting just below the eyes and cut the top by hand tracing it. I was going to make these for my grandson’s class for valentine’s day. I am going to try to alter the die too, it would make it so much easier. Can you email me back and tell me how you did it.


    • Hi Nancy, here is a link to the video and the comments that have been put back on how I altered this die. Not sure why my other comments have been removed. If you haven’t had the die long, I would take it back or ask Sizzix to replace it. These were a mistake and the good dies, don’t have those eye holes.


      • I went ahead and altered mine, it wasn’t too hard. Now I love it. I have had the owl die for several years and also make a cute penguin card with it. Just round the top using an oval die as a pattern and use a smaller oval die for the white stomach. Love your blog with and all the videos and pictures.


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