Baby Burp Rags

Hi Crafters! Every time my daughter and I are out shopping, she is looking at burp rags. And I always say, save your money, I will make some. So last week, I did. I used to make these every time someone I knew had a baby. They are such an economical and useful gift. I usually make matching bibs too, but I didn’t have time. These are very simply made out of flannel fabric. And I just happened to have some in my fabric stash.

Years ago I had a nice pattern, but it’s been misplaced in one of our moves. So several years ago I made another and it was very rectangular and I just didn’t think it was very girly or shoulder friendly, so I altered the pattern and gave it some curves. When ever I’m making a pattern, I usually draw it in pencil. And end up with One side or One corner that is the shape I want and the others are not always so good. So, I will just fold it up into halves and then into 4ths and use the good corner or good side as a guide to cut the others. Burp Rag Tip for Saving Fabric Video

If you put your fabric right sides together, it’s all ready for sewing once you have cut it out. Stitch a 1/4 inch seam allowance, leaving a 2 inch opening at one end for turning. Turn right side out and use something long like a knitting needle or chop stick, to smooth out the curves on the inside (through the 2 inch turning hole), then hand stitch the 2 inch opening closed. Top stitch 1/4 inch from the edge, all the way around and you are done! Easy Peasy. LOL The more you wash them, they softer they get.
Burp Rag Pattern Video




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