Mechanic Birthday Card

Hi Crafters! I do birthday cards for people at my husband’s work. Today’s card is for a mechanic in the Nissan Department and I will show how to mimic the Nissan emblem. When I have a request for something I’ve never done before, I google the word and get inspiration from the real article. It does not matter that mine is not precise, the whole idea is for the person associated with the emblem to get a kick out of it or appreciate that you added this detail just for them.

All of the coworkers sign these cards, so they are 8 1/2″x11″, so they are fun. It was never my intention to make such a big card. I had been doing the A9 (a normal piece of card stock folded in half), but I needed to enlarge a tiny drum set stamp for a drummer once and it printed huge on my printer. Thus enters the 8 1/2″x11″ card and it was such the rage even with my horrible marker coloring skills. Now we have card envy and that’s okay because it was really hard to get my paper dolls and any other accessories on the face of an A9 card! For the big block brick background on the face of the card, I used a scoreboard and an extra ruler to stay within the right vertical line as I moved across the page (refer to the photo of this).

I had to split this 30 minute video into 2 smaller videos, so they are a little over 15 min. each. My hat is off to you if you suffer through both parts. LOL Granted, 30 minutes is stellar time for a paper doll card, not counting the die cutting time. For some reason the quality of the video once it’s at utube is not as good as it is on my ipad, so my apologies for that. I always choose high definition. LOL So, I may have to figure out a better way to get my camera closer to what I’m working on. Enjoy!

Mechanic Card Part 1

Mechanic Card Part 2




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