Another Owl Card

Hi Crafters! You’re going to get tired of these owls. LOL But I needed a quick birthday card for my cousin, Lesa, whom I’m very close to. We grew up together, her mom and my dad are siblings, and we spent all of our holidays together. As you will see, I already had one of these owl cards made, but it just didn’t seem quite enough considering the relationship we have. So, I doodled on the owl, with a washable Crayola marker, and I smudged his left cheek by accident because I somehow had my hand on the ink pad that I used to stamp the bday greeting inside!! Thus, cheeks had to be added because by this time, I’d already added the sign and time invested. So, I just have learned to roll with it. The alphabet is from Studio g. And the string is a rainbow twine, that no longer has a label on it (it’s so old). LOL The cheeks were applied with fantastix coloring tool with Pixie Pink ink from Stampin’UP.




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