Working at the Car Wash, Yeah!

Hi Crafters! This card was made for a man that works in the car wash bay. I used a Quickutz die called car, I purchased this die for 3 reasons. 1)I need Masculine die shapes. 2) Its a nice SUV 3)It can be cut down to double as a Pick Up(which is how I made the second vehicle). (Eeeeeee!-happy sound) LOL

The 8 1/2 x 11 inch card


Close up of the SUV. There are 2 small pieces on this car die, they are the head light and the tail light, but I usually use them on the bumper area (LOL), while trying to find a picture of the die online, I discovered they are in fact, the lights. But I made my own lights by punching a 1/4″ circle and cutting in it half. And I use the die cut lights as bumpers. I need to take all of the pictures that came with my dies and organize them in a binder so I can flip through them to see where all of the parts go! I have them in card board boxes and sometimes flip through them, but it’s not convenient.


Close up of the flower bed, which DH said the card recipient would catch some harrassment over!(oops!) I scored the flowerbed, created with a MS punch and the score board, a little sponging. The flowers were made from a handheld flower punch and dry embossed over an ld mouse pad, to make them curve and some glitter glue in the centers finished them off. You can also see here that I did not use the brick embossing folder in the right direction! By this time there was too much time involved, that I was not starting over. I figure in the over all scheme of the card, it’s okay.


A view of the back of the vehicles. Here you can see how I added my own undercarriage to the SUV, it does not come with one and I feel like I need something to attach my wheels to, so I make my own and colored it a bit with a gray marker. (the convertible car does come with an undercarriage) I do the same thing with the windows. If I were assembling the vehicle right on the face of the card, I could use the die cut windows, but sometimes it’s just easier and quicker to use a scrap piece of card stock in the color I want. I like to assemble my vehicles separate from the card and attach them as a whole unit. =D


My sketch. I take this notebook with me when we go to town or anywhere in the car. I can quickly sketch an idea, if I’m concentrating on a card that is coming up, like this one. Or I can sketch ideas that are inspired by things I see where ever I go or visit to use later for random cards. It’s pretty cool. I just started doing that this year in 2012. I also keep a running list of dies I’m interested in, and I mark them off of these lists as I acquire them or dies similar to them from other companies.

Rough draft of the car wash building, using a ruler, please note the line where the eraser is was an error and will be erased before cutting it apart.


The car wash building with pieces cut off, a good exercise is to mark an (X) on the sections to be cut away, please note that I did cut away the bottom section too. Please note: I did have to cut more off of the right hand side of the building to make it fit on the face of my 8 1/2 x 11 inch card,otherwise my truck would not have fit going into the back of the car wash. 😉

The markers and inks used.


The die, punches and embossing folders used.



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