Card Making Goodies Fall 2012

Hi Crafters! Well, we’ve been sick, Thanksgiving here, daily chores, crafting for Christmas (which sadly I just accomplished this week for my out of town family).

I’m daycare for my 6 month old grand baby, with months of acid reflux (finally under control after many formulas, medications and the Tommie Tippee bottles (that a very sweet soul named Nickie shared with us), the flu, the lingering cold and teething. LOL And you just have to make priorities, right?! And of course the baby is the priority.

I’ve filmed tons of videos of crafty things, but for some crazy reason, I’ve lost the ability to trim videos in my ipad with the last update of ios6. So, I’m getting quicker at video to stay in the time limit. Ha! I’m no computer guru. I’ve finally figured out that if the video is too long, I can try to upload to utube, which says this is too long, choose a smaller clip and I can up load twice and cut the video in half and post 2 parts. I guess I need to pay for imovie, but the reviews just didn’t impress me.


Video Part 1
The majority of the things shown.

And a few extra things because my video was too long.

Video Part 2


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