Faulty Dies & Possible Remedies

Hi Crafters! Occasionally, you come across a die that just doesn’t work like it should. Here are a few simple tips, I have done to still enjoy them and get good cuts. My dies are tools I’m investing in to use for years to come. If stored properly and not misused, the blades should serve you well for years. I’m an average paper crafter and I make things for family and friends. Sometimes it snowballs and people add up if you’re treating those you work with or those who serve you in your community. Does anyone else have this problem? LOL I’m counting on my dies to do their job as my hands are too old to do much fussy cutting. And if it’s an easy fix, I’m okay with that.

Regarding the faulty replacement dies I received from AccuCut Craft, I worked on them and it voids the Warranty. I explained my actions and frustration honestly on the Survey from the CEO, a year ago. If you receive dies with blade issues, contact a supervisor to ensure the company is aware of the problem and can correct it. (Edited to add: I have contacted AccuCut via the online customer service form on May 6, 2013, about my experience. The Customer Service Manager replied immediately. I sent him photo documentation of the original dies that were picked up, he insisted on replacing the dies again and I have placed another order and I will be sharing those dies soon. I altered one of the dies in my new order to make if work better for me, revealing that the blades are not welded where they come together to complete the shape. This helps me understand why there was trouble with the dies with misaligned blades).

Economic Depression makes normal business even tougher in all walks of life. People are trying to figure out how to pay for the basics and put gas in their cars, keep their homes and pay rent or house payments. Hopefully it will all work out soon.

Faulty Dies Part 1

Faulty Dies Part 2




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