Lab Tech Birthday Card

Hi Crafters! This is an 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ card. It was requested for a Lab Tech/Teacher and I love making people with the Sizzix Dress Up Doll dies. You can still get some of them from the online Sizzix Outlet. This doll is a bit child like, so sometimes I alter the curvy clothing or the doll body to make it more masculine for my man cards. It’s fun to be given inspiration and personalize a card to fit the person receiving it.

Here you can see how I have trimmed the Winter Clothes (jacket) to make it look more like a lab coat. Trimmed at the top of the collar closest to the neck line, the cuffs, and the sides of the jacket to remove the curves and make it more straight lined. The shoulders and the sleeves were trimmed just a smidge to remove the curves there too, and across the bottom of the jacket to make it more level and semi-even.

The Computer was hand drawn and layered card stock, the base is a circle punch cut in half. Sometimes this takes some fiddling to be the right size proportionately to the height of the doll, but it’s doable. A thin strip of black card stock is glued under the jacket for the buttons and the pockets were handcut and glued on. The boots are also from the Sizzix Winter Clothes die as well as the pants. For this man, I doodled on the hair and boots with a Crayola marker to give them more texture and realism. The ipod is from the Sizzix Boy Accessories die (the one with the skateboard, ipod and sunglasses) I trimmed the curves off of the sunglasses too by trimming straight across the tops of the eye pieces and across the bottom of the eye pieces. The floor was colored in hap hazardly with a couple of brown washable markers from Crayola or Cra-z-art.


The crayola markers come in a 50 pack for around $8.00 at Wal-mart. I got them to try, just to see if my hands would tolerate coloring with a marker. And it’s okay, I do a lot of high lighting with them on my small die cuts and they were cheap. LOL They are awesome for water coloring, if you draw with the marker close to the outline of the image, then wet it and spread the color with your aqua painter or wet paint brush. You can even scribble with them on an acrylic block and pick up the color there with your water wetted paint brush. This is actually how I started water coloring my stamped images first with Marvy Markers because they were what I had at the time. My hands prefer water coloring with my Stampin’UP! dye based reinkers for their ink pads. I put them in an artist tray and they act like water colors when you add water to them, they dry up and come back to life when you add water to them again and again. I use them with an Aqua Painter and the big barrel of it is kind to my old right hand. =D SU reinkers are $2.95 per color, I had many of them before I ever bought the ink pads. LOL If you have the pads you can smash the color into the lids before opeing them and pick up color there with your wet paint brush. I have the big set of Bic Mark it’s too, sometimes you can catch it on sale at Wal-mart too or even Staples. I got one of my sets for $10.00, I think that’s about half, but don’t quote me. I got my last set when school started, they were close to $4 at Wal-mart, and they were a few markers shy of the big set. But they are a nice starting point if you want to try an alcohol marker. I love using them with the Tim Holtz alcohol blending solution, I’ve put it into the mega barrel TH pen made for the alcohol inks and it works like a charm to bleach out the ink where you want high lights.

I had carpal tunnel in both hands in the early 90’s from sitting at a desk that was too high for me, on a computer 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week for the phone company. And I type way too fast! Workman’s Comp fixed my right hand. The left subsided when I could fully use my right once again. But it still doesn’t like anything heavy, like a full pitcher of tea or gripping anything for too long, like a paint brush, spray paint can or tiny scissor fussy cutting around images. Hand sewing with a needle is becoming ridiculous, good thing my sewing machine is in working order and my husband looses a button only once in a blue moon. 😉


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