About Babies and a Thank You

Hi Crafters! A very gracious lady at my daughter’s work, gave us some Tommee Tippee baby bottles. It is crazy what formula will do to a baby if it is not compatible with their digestive system, from daily spit up to making them like the energizer bunny. Bizarre, I tell you! Even though our baby had a great jump start with breast milk for 3 1/2 months we had to supplement with formula because she was starving all the time. Even on Zantac for babies, we still had problems. These bottles have helped tremendously and I am so thankful. Changing baby’s clothes several times a day and her just being so uncomfortable and uncomforted was a real challenge.

We started on Enfamil, then were switched to Enfamil AR for spit up. Our baby constantly moved her arms and legs like she was running some kind of marathon. We could not keep socks on her feet because she simply rubbed them off, against each other or what ever surface she was on (baby chair or bed). She would double up, while holding her after her bottle (I’m talking fold in half at the waist because it hurt her so much). There was no laying her down, it was just too uncomfortable. We finally got switched to Nutramigen with a probiotic, which is also made by Enfamil. This formula is thinner than most and we were instructed to add DHA & Probiotic single grain rice cereal to it. This formula, Prilosec tablets crushed and suspended in a liquid from the Pharmacy and the Tommee Tippee bottles have made life so much easier for all of us! If any one of these 3 elements is missing, we have trouble.

*Having a better formula is key. So if you experience this or know someone who is, keep pressing your doctor for something better. Yes, I know it’s a pain, but there is a solution, someone just has to find it. I think it is sad that we have to self diagnose, but we all know what is normal and what is not. And if our experience helps someone else, then the struggle was worth sharing. Things are so different from when I had my babies 24 and 27 years ago.

I wanted to do a Baby series and post things as I went, but I didn’t think that would be very fun for people just interested in paper crafts. So, I’m putting it all here in this post and people can venture through it all, if they are interested.

So, Cards first. LOL This is the Thank You card we gave and what better inspiration than that of the Tommee Tippee bottle itself! I used the Sizzix XL Card, Baby Bottle die cut in white and pale blue card stocks with a layer of vellum to mimic the clear pieces of the bottle.



I also made her some fun heart shaped note cards made using the Sizzix XL Pop Up Hearts die, by folding the cardstock before cutting it on the solid heart. I gave her store bought envelopes for each one. The fronts were all embossed with the same folder from Stampin’UP!.(??)I’m not thrilled with the way these came out, but I tried to span several occasions so she could use them for winter birthday, everyday thinking of you and Valentine’s. They were all sponged with an ink close to the color of the card stock and the sentiments were all stamped in black StazOn. I used misc. stamps to convey the seasons or holiday and misc. sentiments to go with each image.



I was storing my baby clothes in a small dresser, but I couldn’t see what I had since it was all piled up on top of each other. It also made it hard to tell what sizes I had. I pick things up at GoodWill when I’m in town and they are open. Baby clothes cost $1.00 each unless they are something brand new or like a Coat and those are $2.00. So, I ended up repurposing a gimpy little wood shelf I made quite a few years ago from scraps of wood left over from my HUGE cabinet project that houses my comforters and pillows. My baby armoire is not great, but it works well until I can afford or find something better.
Home Made Cabinets



Next Up is formula, baby cereal, formula servings, sippie cups, spoons, binkies, clogged tear ducts and bottles. We started on the Playtex bottles, but with the fast flow nipples it just nearly drown our baby. The Tommee Tippee bottles worked better and they combat acid reflux issues. I’m very happy with them, a 3 pack of the 9 oz. bottles with slow flow nipples were around $19.99 at Target and worth every single penny! LOL Seriously, and you can upgrade to the medium (x) cut nipples for $5.99 for a pack of 2, plus I used my small craft scissors to x cut the slow flow nipples so I had more than 2. Because the Nutramigen formula is so thin, we had to add cereal to it and the x cut nipples worked best. Video Here

And one last video cussing and discussing (as my Nanny would say, but this is really just serious discussing…LOL) Emergency Burp Rags, Wet Wipes, Diapers and Water Proof Changing pads. (I’m so sorry this video is missing I may be able to track it later from my computer, but it’s long gone from the ipad) We had an unexpected situation where our baby caught the flu while at a family gathering. I went to Wal-mart and purchased Pedialite, which our baby wouldn’t drink, because they don’t teach babies to drink water any more. Dry powdered formula is used with water, so she would only drink that and then throw it up. If I had it to do again, we should have used the Pedialite as our Water for the formula. I also purchased some of those Water Proof pads, for lack of a better description, they are a flat rectangle of fabric that repels moisture of any kind. I got a multi pack, with 3 different sizes, these are great and wash and dry very well. I also purchased scissors, knowing I had 2 small blankets that I could cut up, rather than buying some to cut up. Due to the baby vomiting every 30 minutes or so, I took the 2 receiving blankets, I brought for the trip just in case and cut them into quarters, so…..cut them in half and cut the halves in half. This gave me 8 squares of flannel fabric to catch to vomit with. We used them long after as burp rags and I ended up sewing 2 squares back together and hemming the raw edges, so they would wash better and not unravel. My favorite diapers are Huggies and Luvs. I buy Luvs more, they are cheaper and tackle everything from pee to poop! LOL I did later venture into the Parent’s Choice and Target’s brand UP and UP? They are okay, but here’s the skinny…..if baby has any issue whatsoever, they cheap diapers are going to cause you more pain than they are worth. If you use a wet wipe every single time you change a diaper, you can get by with them. If not…..you’ll end up with a baby with a sore bottom and you’ll use lot of butt cream (Desitin is the BEST!) and butt cream isn’t cheap. While everyone else was using cheap diapers and I was using Luvs, we were GOOD to GO. When I started using the cheap diapers too, baby got into some terrible shape, so I went back to my good ole’ stand by LUVs. You just can’t beat them for the price and comfortable bottoms. My baby is worth them. My favorite wet wipe is Equate brand at Wal-mart. I tried the Huggies and they are divine, but costly. Equate fills the bill for me and our baby.


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