Valentine’s Day

Hi Crafters! Happy Valentine’s Day!! I feel like I’m a day late and a dollar short, as they say. LOL Do You decorate for the holidays? I love to, but I’ve been shirking for many holidays after all of my surgeries, and I still have too many irons in the fire….but have a grand baby now and really think I need to get it in gear for her. I want Grandma’s house to be so much fun and associated with good memories. I decorated my dinner table and large kitchen island.



I had hopes for more, especially my little entry way faux fir trees in pots from Michael’s, which the lights only lasted one season outdoors on a covered porch. I had high hopes of making a conversation heart to stick in the top of each one, but I’ve run out of time.

I did crank out a fun and useful craft for my girls. I am subscribed to Sarah Martina Parker’sblog. Where she made, Garden Hand Scrub.

I used a smidge more than 2 cups of sugar and 1/4 cup of Dawn with Olay Rejuvenation dish liquid, which fit perfectly in 2 normal sized sugar bowls. The sugar bowls came from a flea market for $2.95 and $3.95, which is high for what they are (very inexpensive sugar bowls), but I loved the finials on top of the lids and couldn’t find anything I liked better.

So, it ended up being a 8 parts sugar to 1 part soap ratio, where the original recipe is 3 parts sugar to 1 part soap, but that seemed too liquid to me. And the texture of sugar has changed over the last few years and may account for the difference. I get the cheap brand and it seems to be half powder and half very small granules. It used to be heavier and the granules were uniform, back when the packages were 5 pounds.

I also got my girls these cheesy heart shaped measuring cups at Dollar General for $1.00, but they were too cute to pass up. And the heart shaped cookie cutters were Martha Stewart from Wal-mart for $2.88.


I can’t wait to see what other flavors the Olay Dawn comes in, I was in such a hurry the day I grabbed it, but other bloggers said there are several different flavors. I just think it’s an easy and fun treat to share with someone. I hope to do some for the ladies at card class soon. It smells delicious and it cleans your hands so well. What a fun gift ensemble, the cookie cutters, measuring cups and hand scrub. I used some ribbon to attach the Stampin Up Decorative Label punch, 1/4″ hand held punch to run the ribbon through, a tiny heart punch in red and a purple gel pen for my hand written message.


Lovely flowers from my daughter.

A very fun card from my hubby and a box of chocolates, which he didn’t need to do because he paid for my card class goodies.

And for my guy, some of his favorite candies from Wal-mart for .98 cents each and a note card of coupons, for date night, a movie, coffee, etc. And some pages in between to confirm my appreciation and love for him because when he said for Better or Worse, in Sickness and in Health, for Richer or Poorer….30 years ago, he really meant it. Some images were stamped in Ranger Archival Black and some were stamped in SU’s dye based inks, then I doodled over them or colored them in with Crayola washable markers and went back with an aqua painter and smeared the stamped inks or washable marker around with some water for a water color effect. (this works best if you don’t let the inks or marker dry, so stamp it or color it and immediately add water with your paint brush. I love how fast and easy this is! Amber’s Directions at Damask Love (Click Here)Here are just a few of the pages…









4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Saw your you tube on the sugar scrub did the 7:1 or 8:1 work out better and did it separate after it sits without being used. Making for gifts this week


    • Hi Kay! These hand scribs make sweet and easy gifts. Yes, the folks that did not use them up, did have seperation, but it can easily be stirred again. It might be an opportunity to add a cute little spoon with the scrubs. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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