Hi Crafters!! I have had the flu 3 times this winter and the weekend before Easter, which was tough, considering I’m daycare for my grand baby. Plus, having her over night while her mommy had the flu and during the snow. I’m completely zonked. LOL I’m trying to drink more water and recuperate, but it’s hard and I’m no Spring Chicken.

So, I didn’t have time to prepare for Easter at ALL!! I did however manage to clean house at the beginning of the week. I invited my family, parents, brother and his kids and our kids. We worked non stop Saturday and Mom helped as soon as she arrived and then we worked from the time we got up until we ate the ham on Sunday. And it was the grand babies 1st Easter. I saw these incredible cupcakes and knew we had to make them. Well, my daughter ended up making them for me and they were soooo CUTE!! The sugar sprinkles are a bit crunchy and weird, but worth it.


Some quick decorations. I’ve discovered that if I decorate the dinning table, we can’t pile junk on it when we walk in the door. LOL But no time for any holiday crafts!! Wah!!







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