Baby Stuff from a Big Sale and Goodwill

Hi Crafters!! Time is flying so fast that I can’t keep up. I’ve forgotten how much time caring for a baby takes. We are working on teeth again, the ones between the fronts and the eye teeth, but they seem easier than the first ones.

I bought some used clothes and noisy toys at the last big baby sale and Goodwill, this past weekend. I am so thankful for the big baby sales, especially since the economy is still suffering. They are very thoughtful with their attachment of the price tags, with safety pins. I’m still disappointed with my Goodwill for ruining perfectly good clothes with their barb tool. I’ve intentionally stopped shopping there for months, so they can weed out all of the clothing with the hole they created by inserting the plastic barbs into them for their accounting system. They sent my original video, for the VP, to all of their stores in our region and it seemed they thought I should be very proud of that and not say another word, I really just want them to stop mutilating the clothes, donated by good people in good faith for a good cause. You can’t beat $1.00 for baby clothing and if you catch the day certain colored barbs are 50% off, then things are 50 cents! While I’m shopping, I’m concentrating on finding things the right size that are clean and not stained. I forget to look at the entry point of the barb!! And then get home and find the holes created by the barb tool gun. *Sigh*

Video Here

On a lighter note, I’m amazed at how perceptive our baby is. And I’m not just saying that because she’s the first grand baby either. LOL It’s been amazing watching her learn and even though she’s not speaking words yet, she understands so much and communicates so well. She is waving Hello and Good Bye and music moves her, which is all so sweet at just 10 months old. I love it! I missed all of the little miracles while my kids were babies because someone else had them all day while I was working to pay for day care. So, it’s been very special seeing her accomplish so much, so quickly. I am happy to report, she loves all of these interactive toys. I knew she would and so glad I got them.





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