AccuCut Craft Haul May 2013

Hey Crafters!! I have a fun AccuCut Craft die haul to share. I received a discount, free shipping plus replacements for my previous teapot and pumpkin (A) board replacements, due to my contact asking them to please make sure I don’t get any more dies with mis-aligned blades. I’m still in the dark about where the surveys from the CEO go, and why no one is receiving that feedback. All of the dies in this order were fabulous, except for the one I altered and the original (B) board from the pumpkin album set that I show from my previous order. They don’t weld the seams of their cutting blades, as I show from my altered die, this may be one reason there is an inconsistency in getting the blades to meet flush and cut all the way or smoothly. The majority of AccuCut Craft dies I own cut great without these issues.

Don’t forget to order early to get the dies in plenty of time for planned crafting, since there is a routine 10 days for shipping, since they build your dies after you place the order. You can also have the crease blades or hole punch blades omitted if you wish. I prefer to have the crease blades installed in my dies, it makes them fold up perfectly and I like for the die to do as much of the work it can possibly do. I have had them omit the hole punches before on the castle album builder die set, so I could use the castle pieces as stand alone greeting cards. Cards are ultimately what I make with my dies and occasionally I will make a mini album, so it made more sense to do without the holes, I can always add them with my crop-o-dile or Tim Holtz magnetic hole punch dies with magnetic cutting tray. =D

Enjoy the Video!Elephants, A7 Apron Invitation, A2 Envelope, Oven Mitt & Spatula, Camera-Photo (I altered one of these), Teapot, Pumpkin Album Builder Set.



One thought on “AccuCut Craft Haul May 2013

  1. Hi Paulette, I’ll have to watch your video in a bit (putting the baby to sleep) but you got quite the haul! I love Accucut dies and so far, haven’t had any issues with the blades not lining up. I love the crease blades too, it makes folding so easy for my 6 year old. Hugs!


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