Father’s Day 2013, AccuCut Oven Mitt/Spatula Die

Hi Crafters!! Here is a video showing the construction of the AccuCut Oven Mitt & Spatula die into a Father’s Day card. All of the guys really enjoyed them. This die has endless possiblities. I cut 2 pieces of card stock in every color I used, then cut up and mixed and matched the handles and serving part of the spatulas. Super fun. Here is the Video


The Hand Scrub Video is a little bit out of control, as I kept adding more and more. I don’t have an editing program, nor do I want to pay for one. LOL This is a very nice hand scrub made from Dawn Olay Renew dish washing liquid and sugar, I got this idea from Sarah Martina Parker’s Post, who referred to Jillie’s Original Idea. Two fabulous ladies with lots of great ideas! For me and the generic sugar I buy that is practically powder, it was an 8 to 1 ratio, so for my little 8 ounce cups (6 of them), I used 6 (8 oz. cups of sugar and 6 (1 ounce cups of dish soap).

20130625-210221.jpg Buy the girlie scents for women and the masculine scents for men. It’s a very economical gift and so EASY! I got the little cups at Wal-mart and chose them for size and ease of getting into the lid with dirty hands. For Valentine’s Day I splurged on some sugar dishes with lids for my girls. Here is a link to my Valentines Day Post


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