July 2013 Card Making Supply Haul

Hi Crafters!! I am so tired. LOL I’ve been Pre-Fall, Spring Cleaning. Ha! Because I was selling birds and purchasing shelving for the random closets of chaos in Spring. Even though it was tough to go through all of my clothing and let go of a ton of it this past week, feels so good!! My husband inspired me by cleaning out his side of our main closet. We donated our unused clothing and shoes to the homeless shelter. I have this bad habit of hanging on to stuff, especially my stuff… I’m letting go of my Aviary, which has been a tough and long process, but necessary. I’m a genetics geek and spent the last 2 years breeding for multiple mutations within each nest box experience because I get bored with 1 color. But the bird people are so painfully unreliable in many aspects. So, I’m letting go…

Do you have something you need to let go of?? If I can do it, You can do it. When I was doing PT at a family work out center the consultant there really helped me understand how to succeed at my water therapy before I had lumbar surgery several years ago. He said the reason people can’t fulfill their new year’s resolutions, is because they go ALL in and wear themselves out, then it’s easier to quit than feel guilty about not doing the routine when life interrupts it. If you only make it 1 day the current week, still count it as a success and move on. Life happens and interrupts our routine, then you just get back on schedule the next week. This made perfect sense to me because I’m all in or all out. I can do routine well, but when it gets interrupted by something uncontrollable, I loose it. I’m using this knowledge to let go of whatever I need to……. As long as I’m thinking about it (planning my strategy), cleaning something related to it (moving, organizing or preparing it, taking photos), posting an ad for it, talking about it (saying it out loud to someone else), physically letting it go (taking it somewhere or watching it walk out the door with it’s new owner whether donated or sold), I count it all a success. One step, One Puzzle piece, One Day at a Time.

I have some fun products to share from Sizzix, the 3D canning jars die. Dies from the July Spellbinders release. Dies and stamps from My Favorite Things. Craft Haul Video Here20130827-154128.jpg

Edited to add: Embossing the Mat Board Video
And a little bit of Dumpster Diving discussion. People throw away lots of usable stuff everyday. As I share in my video, I was stopped by a local police officer several years ago, who told me it was perfectly legal. In many cases, you may need to ask permission. Many things need to be repaired. Obviously, don’t do it where you can get hurt, robbed, etc. Safety first, some dumpsters have broken glass in them, so be very careful. If I can, I try to visit the dumpster when the store is closed, but it’s still daylight. If they are there, they know you are there. I’m sure there is a camera, although I can not see it! LOL He watched me wrestle that large wood shelving into my Beetle even though I never saw him while I was in the parking lot. I’m constantly looking around to keep myself safe. Even though the man was sweet when we talked face to face, I think he threw away my good umbrella thats been MIA since that day…and then he offered to sit things outside the dumpster to appease me, but I haven’t see a single thing in weeks. It’s something else I need to let go of. 😉

I’m reposting about the craft store coupons for Michael’s Arts and Crafts, JoAnn’s Fabrics and Hobby Lobby, because it’s very useful information. I use the Michael’s tips all the time, I love using three 40% or three 50% off coupons at the same time!! Michael’s is being very tricky about their coupons, you have to click through to the site sometimes to find them. They used to be right on the email. They have a new thing recently, where they are sending “Daily Deals” for things on sale at a great discount. Don’t forget JoAnn’s has a mark up on some things, so really price check your dies for sure (Sizzix Pro dies have a $10.00 markup over mfg price) and maybe your other card making items too? Remember that they will price match, so if you find it at a better price somewhere else they will match it. dominodebi.typepad.com


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