A quick and Simple Thank You Card

Hi Crafters!! There is a man at my husband’s work who has shared tomatoes, cucumbers and banana peppers with us this summer. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated this, since I did not have the energy or strength to move my garden. Last year, I chose to do an above ground garden and use concrete building blocks to make it, since I haven’t had a garden since my body melt down in 2005 due to a life long broken bone at the base of my spine. That’s a crazy story for another day!

Above ground was easier than digging through the crab grass to turn the earth, which I did for many years with that crazy unknown broken bone at the bottom of my spine. I should have gotten some compost or peat to mix with it. It was like a rock last summer and I had to poke holes in it to let the water seep down. I hurt my discs above my lumbar fusion hardware (steel rods and scary long screws with nuts on them) by moving some rocks/bricks/building blocks. I’ve limped along and it had gotten better, but I re-hurt it this summer carrying in that dinning table from the back porch to use in the new wash room that is on hold due to circumstances beyond my control. Hefting a growing 20 some pound grand baby, 3 days a week. At least I’m down to 3 days from 5 and a half. From here on out, I’ve got to protect my fusion with lumbar supports any time I’m going to be lifting things, period. And daily when I have the baby, who is amazing by the way and so smart at 14 months old.

So, this is a very easy and quick card. I love the Stampin’UP dye based inks. If you wash water over them right after stamping, you get this great free flow water color effect. There were a couple of mistakes on this card as well and this happens often to ME! LOL I get ink on my hands and it ends up on the card (my flying geese are hiding some of that), or I get a “Halo” of ink where the red rubber isn’t trimmed well and ink gets on the extra rubber. When I stamp, it stamps too, imagine that. LOL I can’t seem to throw things away and start over, so I charge on through. This is what turned the background into a wash too. I had sponged color all over the card for sky and ground and washed it with a wet aqua painter. I did add some orange ink to the pumpkins.

Stampin’UP! stamps Harvest Blessing and Countrytime. Stampin’UP inks.



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