MFT Haul Sept 2013

Hi Crafters!! I got a few more things from My Favorite Things! LOL Have I mentioned that I’m a die addict? I desperately needed the Large Metal Adapter plate/shim and MFT’s sale was too good to pass on the fabby Spider Web/w spider die, and Hibiscus die with it’s delicious leaf. I was really hoping the metal shim would make my Loopy Bloom die from MFT cut. It did not, but I’m soooo happy that it made my Cheery Lynn, French Pastry Doily die cut more than it’s normal 2 inch path. Awesome!

MFT dies included in this Video: Spider Web (spider included), Hibiscus (with center and leaf), Metal Adapter Plate (for wafer thin dies). And Cheery Lynn French Pastry Doily.

As a side note, I’m going to be putting my metal shim under the large spacer plate in my die cutting sandwich because if you use your dies right on top of it, it takes on the impression of the backs of the smaller metal dies, as I quickly found out running some other brand dies through it with felt. MFT says this is normal and it will still keep working, I just think that eventually it would make it harder to go through the die cutting machine, once it becomes all wavy. Its sole purpose is, to make the die cutting sandwich thicker and stronger, to help thin dies cut better. So, for myself, I see no need to have it all marred up. The spacer plate is very sturdy and does not take on an impression from the dies. =D Win Win!!



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