Dress Form and Sympathy

Hi Crafters!! I’m so tired. LOL It’s been a whirl wind over the last 6 weeks. It’s sniffle season!! I have tons of stuff to share, but youtube has not helped me resolve the issue of not being able to upload videos to my channel. Did I mention I added Google+? I think it’s whats hanging me up now. I’ve contacted them one more time. The help files are an endless circle of frustration. LOL Since there is no “Customer Service”, you just have to fill out their feed back form and wait. They may make adjustments, but you will just have to keep checking yourself, they won’t contact you. I did the ios7.0.3 update a couple of days ago, holding my breathe that it would fix it. No Go. Wah…so I haven’t posted a video for a whole month…

What a lovely surprise from my Sweetheart! If you dig around on my blog, you will find that I love junk (Antiques) or anything used…really. LOL I love stuff, to a fault. You might even say, I’m a pack rat and a clutter bug. The older I get, it feels more like a curse, because I have a very hard time throwing things away, that might be useful or that could be revamped/painted or DIY’d into something else! My mom says it’s just in our blood, I come from a very long line of people just like me… Feast your eyes on this fabby dress form. I need to fashion a stand for it, it is made for one. My official dress maker’s double is awesome and adjustable to my size. I asked my Mom and Dad for that form years ago for my big present for birthday. I made a dress with it one year, a story in and of itself, which probably demands a post all of it’s own. The cool thing about a dress form that is sizable to your size, is you pin the dress to the form wrong side out. Pull it off of the form and go right to your sewing machine and stitch it up. It’s the coolest thing EVER, for making clothes, that will fit you perfectly!! Eeeeeeee!! (happy sound)


We had an amazing family friend pass away, a wonderful and gracious Moto Cross dad, that I will forever be grateful for. Bonds so deep, that even though years have passed between us, we always pick up right where we left off. During our racing years, he saved me a parking spot at practice, every week, right next to him, so he could help me or my rider. My husband was working terribly long hours and could not be to practice with us. The kids and I would arrive in the daylight and leave after dark and I was pulling an enclosed trailer with a young daughter in tow as well. Mr. H. would watch for me and make sure I saw him and where I was supposed to park. We travelled with his family, in our little caravan, to out of town MX races and we have such wonderful and fun memories. Even my stunt woman stunts, due to my unknown broken vertebrae at that time, which brings much laughter as we recall the stunts (basically…Me flopping on the ground for one reason or another). Our sons are adults now and no longer race.

It was so hard to know what to do for his wife. I finally settled on something I have done before, and I’m sharing it here, in case you need help deciding what to do for someone you truly love and care about. Flowers are traditional. I always felt they were excessively expensive, but I do respect their duty to decorate the grave. My mom always sent them and when I was a young married woman, she added our names to the card/tag. In later years, I opted to wire plants from flower shop to flower shop, for funerals I could not attend, it just seemed more useful or non fading, but even plants fade if you don’t care for them. In the end, my own solutions are not less expensive, but in my mind’s eye, maybe they are more comforting. If one can even be comforted, during the time of loss? These items are really more catered to a woman and things can be added or omitted, depending on funds or preferences. I’m sorry there are no pictures, flying by the seat of my pants, I totally forgot them.

My Sympathy List:
Caring Card
Book or Books (a new book is preferable, but I have sent clean used books before from Good Will @ $1.00 ea.)
Throw (a blanket to snuggle up in)
Box of Tissues
Can of Coffee and Filters or K Cups
Iced Tea (I save large juice bottles just for this purpose and I stamped and laminated tags, taped them to the container with
clear packaging tape, “Sweet Tea”). Unsweet tea could be made also or send water bottles.
A Meal (I did chili, this time) and a box of Crackers. Choose simple, something easy to freeze or reheat, like a one dish casserole.
All hand delivered the day of Visitation. For mailing, I have done these items without the food goods and I have added money for chocolate.


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