My New Sewing Room!

Eeeeeee!!!! Hi Crafters!! Finally. Whew! It was tough to achieve, but I’m finally there. DH just has to move the washer and dryer in. We bought the paint for the walls and trim months ago, in the Spring at Lowe’s when they had a rebate of $5.00 for every gallon on Valspar paint…picked out vinyl flooring that is gorgeous, with it’s tile pattern that is the same color family as the wall color.


I really did not have the energy to do this painting, but I wanted this room done by Thanksgiving. It’s been the catch all, crap room, for several years. I put my ipad on a tall stool on top of the table, set it to The Stroke Radio (which is classic Rock n’ Roll), cranked the volume up as high as it would go. Put on my painting clothes 3 days in a row and painted from Noon to 7pm, every day. I’ve forgotten how hard it is to be a good painter! LOL And it’s not perfect, but its done, and I’m so glad. Our grand baby and I are already enjoying this room so much.


I need to come back and paint over the cabinets that are from the old kitchen. I can’t decide what to do with them. Initially, I thought they would be white, like the trim and closet doors. Now, I’m kind of thinking they should be the wall color? I’m going to have to paint the inside of them as well. They have an odd odor, almost like oil, and it adheres to whatever goes inside them (like the clothes I had stuffed in there last year). LOL Which, all had to be rewashed. They may be great storage for my purses!

Old wicker shelf, that my neighbor threw out years ago. It’s been living in the craft room, but I needed the space it was taking up, due to the Recollection stackable storage cubes.



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