Hobby Lobby Haul Oct 2013

Hi Crafters!! It is really cold in Missouri today! A mere 27 degrees this evening. Please put comforters or blankets, water and snacks in your vehicles as we approach winter. Even with our cell phones, it may take people time to reach you if your car breaks down and the roads are frozen or slick. I’m heart broken to hear on the news today, a 4 year old died due to unexpected winter weather, my heart and prayers go out to that family and God knows exactly who they are. I didn’t catch the details and I told my husband, if I were stuck somewhere with our grand baby in the car, it would be a tough decision whether to leave and go for help or stay and hope to be found. Sudden weather could cause all kinds of difficulties that we can not predict, so your cell phone may not work even though it’s charged. I believe in being prepared and even as I write this, I’m considering a flare gun, which I have never owned.

I’m still trying to play catch up. I’m using the Capture app for YouTube to upload my videos, Google seems to have worked all of the kinks out. I discovered an amazing thing today, just out of curiosity, You can trim your videos in the Apple ipad ios photo app (where your pictures and videos are stored), save portions of it as a New Clip, then piece them back together in the Capture app. Now, I only tried piecing 2 parts to make my video whole again and it worked. There was a part in the middle where I didn’t like what I was saying. I trimmed the front half of the video without that part. Then I went into the whole video again, because it’s still there, and asked it to trim off the beginning to past the part I didn’t like, and saved that as a new clip. Clear as mud at this point?

When I went into the Capture app, I chose the front half of the video and clicked on the + sign at the bottom right and it let me choose another video to attach, and I chose the back half of the original video. It pieced them together as it uploaded and Viola~ a whole video with the part I didn’t like omitted. Why didn’t Apple come up with this? And to my surprise, Google has added the now complete video to my photo app! Eeeeeee! (Happy Sound) So, don’t forget to go and delete the original and pieces parts, that are taking up precious space. I will be doing just that as soon as I’m done posting this!!


This is a Haul from Hobby Lobby in October 2013, when YouTube was not working.Some fun crafty items from the Discount Wall, beads and stretchy elastic for bracelets, paper crafting dies Spellbinders Grand Circles, Karen Burniston’s Lamp Post die, paper straws, jewelry (ring), 30% Off on all dies the day I was there – Sizzix Magnetic Platform and Tim Holtz Apothecary Bottles, Memento dies Keys and Mustaches. Inkadinkado stamp set Snowy Short Stack. Enjoy! October 2013 Hobby Lobby Haul Video


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