Wilton Cookie Stuff, Card Stock, Sippie Cups Nov. 2013

Hi Crafters!! I’m gearing up for some cookie decorating!! I’ve stumbled onto some cookie making blogs that make “Bakery” style cookies with Royal icing. I’m almost as excited as I was to discover stamping and die cutting blogs. LOL I don’t decorate cakes often any more, but did when my kids were little and birthdays or anniversaries here and there. It’s just like anything else, once you know the tips and tricks and practice a little, ANYONE can do it. If I can do it, You can do it. I have some arthritis due to carpal tunnel in the early 90’s and that broken bone that lived at the bottom of my spine until I was 45, even though it’s been repaired in 2008, it still affects my arms and hands because my spine was sagging for most of my life. I find that the cookie decorating with the very fluid royal icing is a little bit more forgiving for my hands than frosting in a piping bag. The results are AH-MAZING!! And so much Fun!! And I will do it as long as I can, just like my stamping and papercrafting. My cookies were not perfect, as you will see in the pics, but I wasn’t going for perfect. I had fun and they tasted good and now I have this experience under my belt and I will do better next time. Eeeeeeee!!! (happy sound)

In this video I discuss some of the things I have purchased to get ready to make sugar cookies for Thanksgiving, plus the white card stock I will be using for my Card bases and a comparison on sippie cups for toddlers. Our baby is growing by leaps and bounds and at 17 months already knows how to drink from a straw, but that isn’t practical for everyday use around the house. LOL And I was able to fuse 2 videos together, I found some things at Sam’s Club as well. Enjoy the Video Here!!

Some basic things you can gather or may already have to make cookies:
1) Decorator Tips (mine are by Wilton and you can get these at any craft store or Wal-mart, these are totally Optional the bottles work just fine outlining and filling with royal icing, they are very affordable at Wal-mart)
2) Couplers (plastic tip that will allow you to exchange decorator tips without changing bags)
3) Squeeze Bottles (plastic bottles with a small hole at the tip of the lid, these work just like a writing tip I found some at Wal-mart and Sam’s Club, they are at most craft stores too, some are made for the Couplers)
4) Meringue Powder (the container at Wal-mart is small, it will do about 3 normal recipes of royal icing, there is a large container at
Hobby Lobby and you can use your 40% off coupon, other craft stores have this to I’m sure, this is Optional as well-you can use Egg Whites instead if you like).
5) Powdered Sugar (1 bag will do 1 recipe)
6) Food Coloring (I got Wilton Icing Colors 8 pack at Wal-mart for around $10, they also have a 12 pack for around $13)
7) Cookie Cutters (I have a good sized collection and have organized them in zip lock freezer bags according to shapes or holiday. Open cutters are best, they are the outline only of a shape. Today’s cookie crafters are using what they have for many different items, like a pumpkin for Mrs. Claus’ face. You will learn to do this too.)
8) Parchment Paper (some of the cookie people freeze the cookies on this and bake them on this, I had great success doing so)

I hope everyone who celebrates ThanksGiving, had a great time with family and friends. I baked a 20 lb. turkey. It was the second turkey I have ever baked in my entire life and it turned out good. Tremendous thanks to my husband who had me get it out of the freezer on Monday before TG and put it in the fridge. Then had me get it out of the fridge the night before. I ended up baking it for 6 hours, 5 with foil over the bird and 1 hour with foil over the legs and wings, only basted it twice and just salted and peppered it like I do when I’m baking a chicken. It was so good! My perfect DIL, Amber, came hours early and helped me finish things up and she made delicious hash brown potatoes. My perfect Daughter, Katie, made the cranberry sauce with some blueberries added YUM! and did beautiful deviled eggs. My perfect Mom brought pumpkin, pecan pies and my nephew made chocolate cheese cake that was to die for. Everything was delicious and we had way too much as usual. It just happens. LOL My folks, brother and his 2 kids, our 2 kids and their spouses and 1 baby. We actually shot for supper time this year and that really worked out better. It didn’t seem so stressful and we got everything done on time for that meal.

And now for all of the Cookies!! The majority of my family was impressed. LOL







20131209-141235.jpgThe Cookie Recipe I used from Montreal Confections I cut this recipe in half and it made all of the cookies you see on 3 platters. The cooking time varied depending on how thick I had rolled the cookie dough. Thinner cookies baked okay at 10 minutes and thicker cookies took the full 15 minutes. I prefer the thicker cookies myself. After making these cookies a few times, I have doubled the amount of imitation vanilla for my cookie dough and my royal icing. Marilyn lets a fan blow on her cookies, to make them shine. I found this to be very helpful in drying time. If you decorate the cookies before bed, they can sit over night and harden, so you can stack them the next day on platters for serving or gifting. The Barefoot Baker’s blog for Royal Icing for my royal icing.


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