PTI Poinsettia, 2013 Christmas Cards

Hey Crafters!! The holidays really crushed me. LOL I think Google has finally got all of the bugs worked out of their YouTube apps and services. I didn’t get all of the crafts done that I wanted to, but the important things got done. So, I’m trying to catch up my blog.

A week before Christmas, I did some Cookie decorating over at my DIL’s sister’s house. The royal icing was a disaster because I added too much water to it for the food coloring to smooth out!! But they were all very sweet and gracious about it. Here a a few pics of our cookies. I used Sugar Belle’s cookies for inspiration Here
And Dawns inspiration for the Reindeer cookies Here





Enjoy this Poinsettia Video Here
PTI Poinsettia Christmas Cards, with the largest die cut in water color paper, stamped on with Stampin’UP! water based dye inks, doodled on with Crayola Washable markers and diluted with an aqua painter full of water, a little clear chunky glitter on each petal and in the center. The poinsettia was also used as the leaves, stamped onto a water color die cut, again of the largest flower, doodled on with Crayola washable markers and diluted with an aqua painter full of water, cut in half for 3 leaves on the left side of the flower and on the right side of the flower.

As described in the video some poinsettias were lifted up and mounted on 1 in squares of foam core board to elevate them, for the hand delivered cards and the ones for the mail, were glued together and directly onto the card to eliminate as much bulk as possible. I also put my little folded Christmas letter printed on typing paper right on top of the card, next to the glitter, to hopefully help them go through the machines they travel through at the post office.



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