Love Banner Valentine’s 2014

Hi Crafters!!! This is the crafty item I did this year for my Girls, Katie and Amber. I loved this so much, I ended up squeaking out another one for Me! Eeeeeeee!! (Happy Sound) I so desperately wished I’d made one for myself last year. Gosh, I may not have shared those, I can’t find them on my blog!

This year it was the Background Heart die from AccuCut Craft. These were cut in Kraft from colorbok. They were so painfully plain that I ended up embossing them with a large domino embossing folder. I only had 2 folders this heart would fit inside and the other one was leaves, so naturally the dominos won out. LOL The hearts were still so plain and I had already decided to use some molding paste on this project, I said to myself, just go mixed media!! And painted some white acrylic paint around the edges of the large base heart fronts and in the centers to help the lacey heart and letters pop.

I’m sure there are lots of ways to make a banner. I like to pick a die for the base shape of each “flag” in the banner. In my minds eye, I needed more than one layer of card stock. I may come back with a photo to explain this step, it’s the same as making a folded card out of any die shape, by scoring your card stock and folding it in half, then laying it on the die inside the cut line, so you end up with a shaped card. Only for the hearts I chose to lay the fold line just under the top humps of the heart, so the string would not show between the humps of hearts. Now I have, a flag that will fold over a string = the base for a banner piece (aka 1 flag of the banner). Cut as many pieces as you need to spell your main word. I needed 4 of these base pieces and 4 whole hearts to go on top of them, all cut in Kraft from Colorbok. I also did this with the smaller hearts from the centers of the Sizzix lace heart die, but they were done in red, 5 base pieces and 5 single hearts to go on top. /a>


The bases were taken to the sewing machine and zig zagged over a long string of cotton yarn. I take into consideration how long the tails of the banner need to be. I like to make them so they will drape over a door, corner to corner. They could also be pinned to a curtain in a window. The tails are probably 22 inches. At the sewing machine, I decided 1 inch would be plenty between each piece of the banner, so 1 inch between every heart, large and small.

I wanted to use molding paste in some wonderful way. I went and dug through my stencils and found a single rose, Perfect!! I have watched Shari Carroll, Jennifer McGuire mix craft paint into molding paste and swipe it over a stencil. I added pink paint to a small mound of paste for my rose buds. I mixed blue and yellow paint added to another mound of paste. At first, I did the rose bud separate and sat them aside to dry before attempting the leaves. This worked best. By the time I got to my banner for ME, I abandoned this train of thought and just did both and pulled the stencil up. It was more messy, but fine. *(one very useful tip I will give you, wipe the back of the stencil after each use to eliminate any smearing, because the paste does seep under the stencil. I had mixed a little too much paste with paint, but this really worked to my advantage. It allowed me to craft a banner for myself and I had a couple of red hearts that were smeared or the pink got into the green and I had to do them over).

The Sizzix Frame, Lace Heart die fit nicely inside the AccuCut heart, the Sizzix Frames and hearts were cut in Staples Red card stock. I used the larger lacey heart frame on the Accucut hearts and I used the smaller inner hearts between the Accucut hearts.

Sizzix Serif Essentials Alphabet set was PERFECT to spell the word L O V E. And cut these letters in Black card stock.





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