Inspiration for Coloring your Stamped Images

Hi Crafters!! We’re under snow again in Missouri!! and it’s painfully cold outside. Please carry comforters or blankets and emergency things in your cars during this time. Give your pets EXTRA water. I let the 3 water bowls get really low, 2 were bone dry and one only had 1/2″ inch of water and our small dog couldn’t reach it. Thankfully the Chis let me know when something is wrong and I discovered they needed water!! I haven’t felt good with my hip issue and DH is home sick, so our schedule is out of order.


Do you ever need inspiration for coloring your stamped images? I sure do! I think a lot of us are Creative, but some of us have not had formal training in coloring our images with all of the different mediums on the market. This has been on my mind for a while. Some stamps have an example of how the artist colored their image and some stamp labels are void of color.

I save all kinds of inspirational things from Calendars, Mailers and Advertisements, Catalogs, Magazines, Books and even my Own art work. Big money goes into all of these things and someone else has already figured them out, so why not use some of that inspiration to our advantage.

I also watch a lot of video tutorials by other card artists and watch them color. I subscribe to my favorites on their blogs and their YouTube channels. I appreciate the crafters that felt it important to explain as they go, which is the best way for those of us who learn visually. I think that is probably why I like doing videos so much too. Because everything is easy, if you know the Tips and Tricks to it. 😉

Here is a video discussing things I save and use.


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