Hobby Lobby Haul Mar 2014

Hi Crafters!! Stampabilites and The Paper Studio things were all 50% off, Gum Paste tweezers (perfect for heat embossing small pieces of card stock), mini wood clothes pins (to add designer papers to or paint with acrylic paints), washi tape, corner punch, Family Tree clear stamp set, Water can wood mount stamp, Tim Holtz Window and Window Box die (so cute!!). Enjoy!!


I have a foam stamp by Plaid that is so similar to this tree, and I love the foam stamps, but for card making a normal stamp is better. So, I can’t wait to use this over sized tree, I just think it will be so versatile and can be used for any Season or Holiday. The possibilities are endless and I love timeless things.

In the video I mention Nanny’s shop, the Frontier Curio Shop, where she sold her souvenirs, in Ozark Acres, Hardy Arkansas. Is anyone watching, Clash of the Ozarks, on Discovery channel 120, every Tuesday evening? I grew up there and I keep thinking I will do a separate post, but I don’t know if I want to share that much or be judged. Of course, there are lots of things I can’t or won’t be able to tell. LOL You know, bad karma and all, so I’ve drug my feet in posting about it. My parents, brother-his kids, estranged father in law and his wife, all live and worked in this community for years or a life time. My husband and I just laugh every Tuesday when it’s on. We met as teenagers, and know the land, history, families, etc. It’s so scripted and it’s way off base on several accounts (the way they loop film while people are driving through town because if you blink you might miss it or put Batesville right after Hoxie…really?), calling families “clans” and coming together in church for a cussing match for a parlay between clans?….Seriously??….that it’s probably not even worth mentioning. And I’m not a very good story teller, and I’ve to inject this and that, and I can’t find my favorite post card of the shop for my 2 seconds of fame, so really what is the point! Haha!

So, this haul matched 2 very happy places in my heart, with the Watering Can stamp by Stampabilities and the Window and Window Box die, that represent so much of my childhood spent at “the shop”. The Tim Holtz Window and Window Box die are SO CUTE!!!
The Video:

The shop was surrounded by multi-paned windows on two adjacent sides of the building and to say, I loved those windows is an understatement. One window was hinged to open to the outside and Nanny had one of each of the wind chimes, for sale, displayed in the window. One of my primary jobs, was to latch the window on the outside of the building to stay open. We listened to those chimes, with the breeze and I adored the magic melody created by all of the chimes ringing together. I literally, grew up in that building and even ran it by myself on some days when I was an older teen. From a young child, I used Nanny’s large galvanized watering can to water all of her flowers, from Devil’s Whiskars that grew on the ground right next to the porch, to Geraniums, Coleus and Begonias planted in some of the clay pots that lined the porch shelves.



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