Spring Blooms Outside and Inside

Hi Crafters!! Before time gets too far along, I’d better post my Tulips.

I had more daffodils come up this year than ever and they were doubles, so twice or three times more petals and no centers. I have Pink tulips and used to have a little patch of 3 yellow tulips. The yellows did not appear this year. I throw all of my kitchen (veggie) scraps in this flower bed, so the squirrels have probably eaten those bulbs.

Our Missouri weather is so odd in the Spring. In any given week, we could have temps in the 30’s on one day and the next day be 60. My Tulips bloomed then froze a little, then had a sunny warm day and stood back up, but didn’t last long. I’m so glad I snapped these pics the 2 days I did, the day they opened and the day after.





I also had one Amaryllis bloom, I think they usually have 4 trumpets, but this one only had 2. I’ve had them in the East window, the West window and they just didn’t do too well. They’ve been in the South kitchen window for a couple of years. I’m so lucky this one bloomed. Amaryllis require specific requirements of light and dormant (no water/no light) time and I never remember what it what. After a long battle of scale shared accidentally with plants I was given, I’d cut all of the greens off of my bulbs a couple of years ago and just leave them in this South window that gets some sun and some shade. I really need to get the plant book out and read the specs. I just don’t have time. LOL




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