Easter Treats Haul 2014

Hi Crafters!! I collect things over a period of 2 or 3 months prior to the holiday that is coming up. My grand baby will be 2 in June. I gathered things from Target $1.00 spot, Wal-mart, Tuesday Morning, Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree. It really got out of hand because I did not review my goodies! LOL I had also gotten Millie a cookie cutter set of her own, from Wal-mart, that had a small whisk and rolling pin. Sadly, I gave them out early, when Katie told me they were going to make cookies one night at home. So, I have no pictures of it either.

The pain in my hip, that resonates down the back of my leg, really puts a crimp in things. We did not celebrate at our house and I feel really bad about it. I invited my family and they declined, which was best. I had already started my Spring Cleaning and washed rugs for 2 days the previous week, which put me under for a few days because I have some good sized rugs. So I nixed cleaning.

On Saturday before Easter, we took Millie to the Zoo, hoping for the Eggstraveganza, but it wasn’t until the weekend after Easter? who knew. We did not know. LOL
Our Zoo is a bit hilly and it really wiped me out. Then I tried to burn time in town, so I wouldn’t have to come home before dinner, not even realizing I needed all of my Millie goodies! I rushed home and threw things in her bag during this video haul. LOL

Slammed together a card from some pre-cut, pre-stamped, pre-embossed items. The bunny is from Stampin’UP! older set called Tags and More, the embossed piece is from Cuttlebug Birds and Swirls, the sentiment is from Wacky Wishes, the alpha set to spell Millie is from studio g.

Mike came home and picked me up for dinner. I don’t know what I would do without him, my Knight in Shining Armor, who doesn’t mind buying dinner out. Which, makes me feel bad too, Mama’s moto growing up, was that we would cook at home for the holiday, so people didn’t have to work to serve us on the holiday. This is always on my heart when we eat out for a holiday.

And we gave Millie her treat bag full of goodies at dinner. We had Fugi’s and the fires on all of the grills scared Millie. She kept telling her self, “it’s okay”, in a sad little drawn out voice, that we all use when she gets hurt. Ack! We never even thought about that scaring her.


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