Easter Quilt Table Topper 2014

Hi Crafters!! My crafting takes me in many directions. For Easter, I made a quilted project, by paper piecing some blocks. I’m no quilter, but I enjoy paper piecing as a method to make quilt blocks. I have made lots of things like this in the past, but it’s been a good while.

I had gathered a ton of free patterns from the internet several years ago. I used a chick pattern by Patty R. Anderson at http://www.patchpieces.com, this is the address off of her pattern, just to her blog. I was tempted to use a butterfly pattern by Patty, but ended up enlarging the chick for a Mama chick.

I used an upright egg pattern by Christine Thresh at http://www.winnowing.com/chkeggs.html, this is the address from her egg pattern page, that printed with the patterns.

I even made a bunny pattern myself, but it was going to be so complicated, the way I cut my patterns down into many sections, that I ended up making several of Christine’s eggs instead.

I spent 7 days straight at the sewing machine and didn’t get done with this project until after Easter. I had one ridiculous day, where every thing went wrong, but I just kept on sewing because time was ticking on and I needed to get done! I did a video cussing and discussing this project (one of Nanny’s favorite phrases that really means just serious discussing). LOL


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