Happy Mother’s Day 2014

Hi Crafters!! I hope everyone had a Great Mother’s Day. I slept in. DH bought lunch out at the new Rib Crib in Springfield MO, it was delicious.

Jon and Amber made dinner for all of us, grilled filets wrapped in bacon and kabobs with steak and veggies, hash brown baked potatoes, salad, croissants and fancy banana pudding. Fun gifts, a gardening plaque with a watering can and lovely sentiments


and 2 beautiful Humming bird feeders

Amber said, I didn’t get you a card. My reply, who cares, I don’t need a card. I know that you think I might need one, since I make them, but I don’t. LOL

Katie and Cody got me a new chunky chain for my Oragami Owl pendant, 3 new charms…a watering can (I said Amber and Katie were on the same wave length with my recent celebration of “the Watering can” that represents such good memories from my childhood. And they don’t even read my blog!)…a Star Bucks like coffee cup and an owl charm, plus a couple of new dangles…with an extender to hang them from…a personalized one that says Nana and a blue pearl.



Katie did give me a card (that is from a little gift box full of cards I gave her for Christmas) and her cards always make me cry. She is my baby. Jon was 4 when she arrived, and she will be 25 this year.

Some chocolate and Purple nail polish.


I may have or may not have said, when Jon went through his tough teen years, I really fought For Him and made Dad step in, asked the school super to step in because dad was so invested in his job at that time. That was the year before my body melt down, 2004. When Katie went through it, I was in the middle of my body melt down 2007, none of my doctors listening to me or caring what might be causing my pain (with that broken vertebrae at the bottom of my spine). I was too physically hurt and tired to fight for Katie. I was fighting for myself, but I will forever feel guilty for not fighting for her. She was a Varsity cheerleader all 4 years of high school, a year younger than everyone else, aced her classes and Some how muddled through those tough years and came out on top. I’m sure it will make her a better mom.

You spend so much time trying to teach your children the right things to do, be good, be honest, be responsible, be independent. And you just hope that they absorb some of it. I didn’t take them to church every Sunday, but many during their young school years before Jon started Moto Cross and they are both saved. Each one after a large tradegy. Jon was after Waco, TX and Kate after Oklahoma City bombing.

I am so proud of them both. They had the same wonderful art teacher in high school, that enjoyed teaching many forms of art, drawing, ceramics, and picture painting. Both kids loved ceramics and did cool things other than bowls. LOL But I did love the bowls too. I love that they loved clay, which is also something from my childhood, where Nanny sold her clay flower pots, at the Frontier Curio Shop. I can’t make them, but I fully appreciate and love them. Perhaps it also comes from my Indian roots, even though they are minimal, they are still part of the blood running in my veins. I keep getting off track (LOL story of my life), they are both so creative, social, helpful (they help co-workers outside of work) and their friends and family. Both physical and fit. They have good jobs, great work ethic and work hard. Both are independent and organised. I could go on and on and on….LOL

I hope everyone had a Great Mother’s Day, whether someone shared some love with you or Vise~Versa.


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