Confetti Paper and Another way to use Name Tags

Hi Crafters!! Do you ever need some Confetti Paper to stuff in with a quick gift and a pretty tag?


It’s so easy! Cut your paper into strips. I like to cut my paper at 1/4″ inch strips with a big paper chopper. Roll the strips up into the palms of your hands, pull it apart and you have Confetti Paper. I used colored paper and some typing paper in this video. It’s a great filler for your homemade die gift boxes.

It’s also a great way to recycle that large packing paper that ships with your big dies. And a trendy way to share gifts in a large basket, line the basket with packing paper confetti and put your treat boxes on top.

***This craft is not for children, please be very careful while cutting your paper, it could easily be cut with scissors too***

I also used one of May’s name tags as the decoration on my Gift Bag…(paper lunch bag) and attached another video showing how to make the Confetti Paper. Enjoy!!


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