Mar 2014 SU Order + JoAnn’s Haul

Hi Crafters!! I have fallen a little bit behind on posting some of my haul videos.


For March’s Stampin’UP! order, I chose the Kind & Cozy stamp set with matching Gingham wheel (standard size). They were a bit pricey together, but I knew I would not be happy if I got one and not the other. There are a few tips for how I use the stamping wheels. I was hostess and chose the background stamp, Wild Flower Meadow and matching Embossing folder. I didn’t do so hot applying my sticker to the stamp, but it is working fine. I was confused about which item is retiring, according to the ** beside them. But, I couldn’t find either one on the list!!

On the day in March I popped into JoAnn’s, all of the dies and embossing folders were 40% off. Thank You, JoAnn’s. I Love that! Especially, since you can not use your Coupon on the die cutting things any more. JoAnn’s has this type of sale day often In Store and Online….and it seems they rotate it to other various craft departments. I like this day, when I need sewing stuff too! LOL

I chose the Tim Holtz Embossing Diffusers, these are so Cool and I think they will help me use the embossing folders I have collected. I can’t seem to pass them up, when they are on sale. I’ve collected them from many places online and in store. Just like my die choices, I try to get things that will be timeless and work well within my crafting habits or needs.

I also choses one die, Tim Holtz Pocket Envelope. It is one of those 8 and 3/4″ inch dies. I do have one complaint, which I mis-spoke in my video. The bottom flap is 1/4″ inch and I really wish they would have taken an extra quarter inch from the top flap and added it to the bottom flap, so it would have been 1/2″ inch.

I will be using this envelope primarily, for seed sharing, and the tiny flap doesn’t seem like enough to me. During the filming of my video, I decided the solution may be, to tuck that bottom flap to the inside while assembling the envelope. I almost took this die back to the store, because if things don’t make sense to me and I’m not happy about it and can’t alter it, I’m never going to be happy about it. That’s just reality. Do I like that about myself? No, but that’s just how it is, it will nag at me because it’s wrong to my brain. It’s like the stamp animals with only 3 legs, it’s not right. There Are other great things about this die, like the recessed middle for the Movers and Shapers dies that can be inserted and it’s a nice size for seed packets and the magnetic spacer to keep your paper or card stock from getting creased while not using a mover and shaper die in the center. Although, you could certainly make an envelope yourself, by any means, and come back with a free standing die and cut a shape into the front of your envelope, for a little window that the seeds would show through.


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