Father’s Day Banner 2014

Hi Crafters!! Father’s Day almost didn’t happen. For Shame! And we’re a bit broke…well, I insisted on something. We usually eat out and for 6 and 1/2 people, it can get expensive, but this is what is easiest for all of us. The kids all work, I’m exhausted and finding time to put on a big shin dig is hard to find. I thought we could just do sandwiches and I would toss together one of those easy Angel Food cakes with cool whip, blueberries and strawberries, some chips and carrots, olives, etc.

Jon, our son, didn’t like the idea of sandwiches, so he got Papa Murphy’s pizzas with a 2 liter coke and cheesy bread, they were delicious. Amber had to work! Katie, our daughter, made home-made chocolate pie and it was so yummy. Cody stayed home. I did do the angel food cake layer thingie and it’s always good.

I made a quick Banner Sunday morning, which I felt was imperative, DH has had a lot of stress at work and I wanted him to feel appreciated. He is our Super Hero…our being, All of Us, our 2 kids, their spouses, 1 grand baby and Me. He works rediculous hours for his job and then comes home and has to find time to mow the grass or fix whatever has decided to fail in or on the house!

(You can click on the picture to see it better)


I used the Stampin’UP! Banner Framelit dies, the largest die and cut 15 pcs. The largest Spellbinders Inverted Scallop Circle die, and Spellbinders standard circles 5th one up. Choosing colors is hard for me, so I pulled a Blue pack of Recollections out of my paper cabinet and used the colors in the pack, which made this easy for me to get started and not be fretting over colors. I went from Dark to light, knowing my Sizzix Serif Alpha letters would be black.

I use Sugar and Cream cotton yarn as my string, it’s very sturdy and one strand will do it. I took my yarn to the cabinet and roughly measured how many feet I needed to span = 15 feet and added another almost 2 feet. I double the yarn over at the ends about 6 inches and tie it off. I can then use this loop to hang on the edge of something like a door frame. In this case, I used a couple of table cloth weights on each end to hold the banner in place. They feel like they are made out of lead, my brother bought them for me one year at Cracker Barrel for my birthday.

I stapled the banner to the yarn, which did not work well, the yarn kept slipping out of the back of the staples and I ended up securing it with packing tape on the backs of the banner pieces. Then came in again with the stapler and x made a criss cross with them. Next time I think I will just stitch them with the sewing machine.


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