4th of July 2014 Treat Boxes and Decor

Hey Crafters!! ((Scroll down for the treat boxes))Let me tell ya, I did something this year with my home decorations that I’ve never done, but I may do from now on. I decorated with my Red, White and Blue, in May and left it out until the end of July. It covered Memorial Day, June and Independence Day for July 4th, and I got enjoy these decorations for more than the typical July holiday.

These tiny little flags are homemade, from fabric left over from my quilted coaster years. LOL

I collected these holiday bears for a short time, I adore them and those tiny little baskets. I picked up the flag wheel barrow hiding behind the vase at a second hand shop. My daughter gave me those wonderful disc on wires in the vase, I thought they mimicked fireworks. I love to collect these little things and put them all together. The vase was from Good Will full of blue and clear flat marbles, but perfect for my vintage flag and home made pin wheels (that do not turn, just for looks only). LOL I love vintage table cloths! And that flag it’s all sitting on is actually a quilted wall hanging.

The loomed pot holder was made by niece and the plaque is from a $1.00 shop. If I don’t have time to craft, this type of thing is great to grab a few and share with friends and family.

And yes, you might catch a glimpse of my Macy’s Day Parade Plates, these were acquired years ago, at a $1.00 shop before we had the Dollar Tree stores. The glaze on them has cracked, so they are no longer safe to eat on, but I will hang on to them for a while, but I can still decorate with them. Some more things from second hand stores, the water can with bear. Plates from Wal-mart, mom got me those with the stars one year for my summer bday and I bought the red and blues, which I love. (Have I mentioned my plate fettish?)….

This sweet heart, is a piece of heavy metal formed into a heart with torn strips of fabric looped to it. I picked this up at the DAV (Disabled American Veterans) shop years ago and I love it, so cute on the pie safe, that really holds all of my sheets and pillow cases, in the dining area. LOL

And lastly, this rolling work counter, that I painted to match the back of my kitchen cabinets that faced the living room in the original house. With vines and grapes, that I no longer care for. I picked this up on the side of the road, it’s lived in the shed for years, since Mike renovated the kitchen almost 10 years ago. I wanted to use it in the wash room for folding clothes, but couldn’t get it to bend around the door way it need to go through in the hall, so here it sits an eye sore. That’s why it’s all covered up. I need to paint it white and turn it into a potting table for the back porch, but it’s already full of furniture and things like my health rider.


Anyhoo…here is my craft for 4th of July, I took these little treat boxes to our summer family reunion. I used the Eileen Hull/Sizzix Bigz XL die, 3D Canning Jars, oh my goodness!!!! I love this die!!! Too Cute, I tell ya. They were all dry embossed by using the embossing folders open, with the detailed side pressing into the mat board. I didn’t intend to do it this way, but when I looked at the folder I used for the original ones, when I got this jar die, I noticed the folder was starting to crack along the edge of where the small jar die cut was put inside the folder. And since I was doing several I didn’t want my folder to break. I also used my metal shim over the back of the open folder to help impress the design and had to shim up to make the difference of not having the whole embossing folder thickness going through the die machine. I couldn’t do them on the Big Shot Express without jamming the machine, and ended up using my AccuCut Grand Mark.

I used white mat board for this project, cutting it up before laying it on the die, to get the maximum mileage out of my mat board.

I applied ink to most of the jars, directly from the pad, by swiping the pad over the jars.

I used the Tim Hotlz ink blending tool with felt for the dark blue jar with distress ink and a couple of Stampin’UP! ink colors from the new foam pads, I was afraid to brush the foam pads across the jars.

The flags were stamped in SU’s Cherry Cobbler and Pacific Point for the stars and loosely scissor cut. A backer flag was also cut, so I could sandwich the pole inside the edge of the flag. The poles for the flags are purple paper straws, but it worked. I only had 2 choices green or purple. LOL I did trim the straws for the short jars. And glued some old plastic beads over that top opening of the straws.

The tags hanging from each jar, were stamped in SU dye based inks with some $1.00 stamps and swiped over with a wet wipe directly after they were all stamped… to get that vintage, washed look. A length of brown tulle was tied around each jar and the tags were dangled with a bit of twine. So, the flag and tag can be removed if the girls want to use them for something else, not just 4th of July. The crinkle paper inside the jars was cut from packing paper, trimmed in one quarter inch widths on the big paper trimmer and crinkled for stuffing to hold the flags up.



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