Water Color Pencil Big Mouth Bass Card 2014

Hey Crafters!! We missed Jon’s 29th birthday in August due to our quick trip to West Hollywood, Ca., for Mike’s work, where I found myself face to face with the BEAUTIFUL man, Laurence Fishburne, which I will cherish and ramble about probably forever!! Because I live under a rock, and he was so gracious and sweet, but that is for another post.

I have long loved water color, but never been brave enough to try it until I started following Lindsey The Frugal Crafter ,she does so many different forms of artsy crafty things and she’s a hoot! One of my favorite things about her, is she encourages everyone to take a leap of faith and just go for it and have fun! I did her recent pen and paint Corn tutorial 3 times. LOL And I kind of like each one, but for different reasons and I will share those soon. In some of her recent tutorials, she uses water color pencils or crayons with her water color paints too. I have an old water color pencil set that Grandma Karen bought for one of the kids eons ago as Jon and Katie are now 29 and 25. Its a Gallaxy wood boxed set that looks like a little brief case and it has many pencils. Lindsay also encourages you to use what you have on hand. Perfect!!

So, here’s my first colored pencil, sketched drawing, diltued with water. LOL By the time I got done and realized there was no sky, I ended up dragging a light blue pencil onto my paint brush and swiping it across the sky. I ended up using the 1/2″ flat brush’s chisel tip the most, the smaller round brushes just didn’t do much. I tried to do as Lindsay does, and I used some of the colors in different areas to make my painting more cohesive. Like, the blue added to the cat tails because I used it in the water and the sky. And I used green in the water because I used it on the fish and the leaves of the cat tails.


I’m not entirely thrilled with this fish, but he will serve his purpose for a birthday card for my son, who is so active in many different things from Moto Cross/Kayaking/Boating/Fishing/Rifle-Bow Hunting/Skiing/Wakeboarding/Painting Cars/Welding/Woodworking, etc. There isn’t anything this kid can’t do! And I always try to address one of these. LOL I wanted an action fish with tail swooshed forward on the line. I’m not an artist by any stretch of the imagination and I’m so…weird?…I’ve got to have a picture to go by and I couldn’t find the right one, so I had to combine my efforts from 2 different pictures from a fishing magazine. The head of one fish and the body of another. I was so inspired by the head of what was probably a rainbow trout, but it was only the head out of the water and the side and under view of that! I’m not good enough to pull from memory even though I’ve seen a LOT of fish in my life time. Plus, I have a huge hang up about things being in perspective. Not necessarily real, but in the proper proportions. Ugh…now this means, I’m out there on the chopping block, but time was of the essence because I fly by the seat of my pants and have to roll on regardless of how I feel about my efforts or any mistakes that occur along the way!

This card is an 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece of card stock folded in half, scored @ 5 1/2″. Canson Water color paper applied to the folded base with ATG and I ended up drawing a line around the water color piece with a fine tip black marker, to help it pop. It really needed a layer of black card stock, but I don’t like all of that weight on the front of the card! Yes, I’m so weird. LOL And I apparently missed that bleed out on the tail! And I just keep telling myself, it’s a Water Color. HaHaHa! Oh my…well, I was showing this card to Katie, and I said did you see my fish card? Jon, said, it’s a large mouth Bass. Me, Umm….okay, cool! I must not have done too bad if my artistic son knew exactly what it was. LOL

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