Chef Card with Matching Aprons Sept. 2014

Hey Crafters!! What is cuter than an adorable Chef birthday card for my daughter, Katie’s 25th birthday? This is a retired SU set called, Viola~ I altered my chef a little bit by drawing a new arm and disguising it under the fabricated dish towel, which is not part of this image either. And added a pot holder from a quickutz dress up chef set to balance it all out and mimicked the colors in the apron fabrics for the card. Paper pieced the pants because my chef is stamped behind the square punched floor tiles! LOL

A matching apron, of course! And it’s too cute, if it’s a mini apron, right?

And what’s cuter than a card with matching apron? Hmmm…how about a Mama Apron and a Baby Apron to match.

I’ve been dying to make matching Aprons for Katie and Millie, since I made Amber’s Apron for her birthday Last June 2013, that I’ve apparently failed to post and since I have a terrible Love/Hate relationship with iphone/icloud/iphoto, I’ve already deleted the photos of it and the fabrics! Because my phone is full and in order to take photos in W. Hollywood California in August 2014, I had to delete a ton of stuff!! Oye… I need an external hard drive, seriously. Of course, if my 32 G of computer space still had space, so I could download my photos to the computer, I’d be just fine. But NO…and the “computer guy” said I would never fill the 32 Gigs of space!! Even though I take a ton of photos and videos. Obviously, he had no idea what he was talking about because I filled it in 12 months. EEK!! What the bleepety bleep? So, it was a cute black, green, white and red ruffled apron.

So…Anyhoo, I’m a fabric nut too. I don’t buy much, now that I have my die and stamp addiction, but I used to. And would bring home remnants all the time. As I was paging through fabrics, I knew this fabby Chef print would be perfect for Aprons! It’s a Daisey Kingdom print, which I didn’t know until I started chopping it all up. The day I cut it into Apron pieces, I had not said a word to Millie (my 2 year old grand baby). She’s sitting at the table with me, just turned 2 in June, and says, “Making birthday for the Mama.” How precious is that! And as I gave her each scrap to play with, she says, “Thank You, Nana.” Me, “You’re Welcome, Baby.” She is my Honey Baby and my Honey Business. 😉
Eeeeee! (Happy Sound) I’m so tickled with them and so was Katie.

This is a terrible picture. I really hate ipad 2 when it comes to photos. If you’re not perfectly still and have perfect lighting, you’re sunk. And I rarely have either…


Katie and I had matching aprons, when she was little and it’s was just so fun cooking together in our aprons. More good memories to come…

We celebrated Jon and Katie’s birthdays together this year, since we missed Jon’s the week I had my fabulous encounter with Laurence Fishburn in good ole’ Hollywood! Yes, I’m going to milk it for all it’s worth! Did I mention, this Beautiful man’s voice is like melted butter…even in person…eep! I just got goose bumps. LOL Back to the birthday post, Paulette!

I made cherry pie, only there was a wee little problem. LOL I won’t tell if you don’t.

Cherries are $4+ dollars a can. And it’s a good thing I keep a clean microwave! I got the best scrapper out of the kitchen drawer and put it all in a rolled out pie crust.

Thank goodness for these left over crusts that I froze from the last time I made pie!

And all is well, with some sprinkled sugar on top just like MawMaw used to do.

And this fabby 10 minute cake, which is so rich and yummy. Buy a chocolate cake mix, mix it up, pour it into a microwave bundt type pan (I failed to put the cone in this time, but it was okay). Buy chocolate frosting, but NOT the whipped kind, regular chocolate frosting and drop spoonfulls of it around on top of the cake mix. Bake in the microwave for 10 minutes. Let sit for 10 minutes. Then dump out onto a plate (that can hold the cake and drippy frosting). *Note, my microwave is too hot for the straight 10 minutes. So, I set it for 5 minutes and let the cake set for 2 minutes or so and then run it for the other 5 minutes. If I don’t do this, I have a cake mess, like the cherry pie mess above! Dooley noted. LOL



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