Acrylic Painting Class Aug. 2014

Hey Crafters!! In August, Katie surprised me with an Acrylic painting class for my birthday, at a local shop in Downtown Springfield, MO. What a fun surprise! She’d made me pick a date from 3 days near my birthday and told me not to wear good clothes. LOL The day I chose, was called Fiery Trees. We hit a local coffee shop right before class, also a fun treat.

My Sweet Katie, she always comes up with a fun thing to do, or makes me some fun personalized, stitched or pottery goodies.

The instructors were so sweet and kind. The class was 2 hours long. I have painted in Acrylics more than any other medium and I love the Donna Dewberry technique. With Donna’s technique, you double load your paint brush with a dark and a light paint that gives you highlights and shading all in one fell swoop. Yes, it’s perfect for those of us who don’t know how to highlight or shade. But, this class was a bit intimidating, especially due to the time limit of 2 hours.

Katie and I with our paintings. LOL Why wasn’t I smiling? I always think I am. I’m so tired these days, whatever I’ve hurt above my rods and screws is really sapping my energy.

I was nervous, not knowing what we were going to be doing. Some of the paint brushes were so worn out, which made them hard to use. I did ask for a better brush for Katie, when she got frustrated half way through our paintings. I liked Katie’s painting better than mine. LOL

If you look at this last picture, mine is on the left. We started at the white space (where there is NO paint) and worked our way out from there. I followed the directions for a 4 inch radius and then completely lost the concept of blending the colors from one to another and just did my own thing. I don’t know if it was the ragged brushes or just me! It was still a fun experience, all things considered, I would do it again. They also have a class where you send in a picture of your pet and they sketch it out for you on the canvas, and all you have to do is fill it in. Wouldn’t that be fun?



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