Copic Haul Aug 2014

Hey Crafters!! I purchased 35 Copic markers for my Birthday!! Yay!! My first Copics. LOL Scroll all the way to the bottom for some crafter’s links that I found helpful and interesting.


I’ve been investigating and making notes all year about these miraculous markers. I purchased some MFT A La Mode and Pure Innocence girls earlier this year and have had a ball coloring them with my Bic Mark Its and it’s pushed me over the edge to a point where I knew I had to have Copics!
I love shopping at Scrap-Mart, they have free shipping on a lot of items, including Copics!! Yay!!

I chose the colors that I wanted, unfortunately Scrap-Mart didn’t have all of the markers I ordered by the time they filled my order but they did have a 20% off sale going. And I made a 2nd order with JoAnn’s Online, they had a special $2.99 shipping. So I got my 35 markers from both places for $160.19, a mere $28.54 less than a 36 piece kit. If I had it to do again, I would probably just order a kit. There are nice options in both 24 piece and 36 piece, but they just didn’t seem to have all of the colors I wanted.
Click here for my Haul Video

Yes, I am shameless, a tongue tied plug about my unexpected encounter with Laurence Fishburne @ Greenblatt’s Deli, during my copic haul video. Any mention of West HOLLYWOOD, CA will take me there in an instant for the rest of my life. I will get around to posting about it and a few more cellebrity sitings and some pictures.

Here are the colors I chose:
Two, 0 Blender markers
No. 0 Neutral Gray (pale gray)
E00 Skin White (caucasian)
Two by accident, Y32 Cashmere (pale yellow)
E95 Flesh Pink (peachy skin tone is almost the same thing as R12 below)
E70 Ash Rose (tan skin tone)
Y26 Mustard (a wheat color)
E35 Chamois (a deep tan)
E27 Africano (dark brown)
Y13 Lemon Yellow (bright yellow)
Y18 Lightning Yellow (almost neon yellow)
YG06 Yellowish Green (a deep pastel green)
YG25 Celadon Green (yellow version of
G07 Nile Green (good strong grass green)
G99 Olive (dark olive green)
B0000 Pale Celestine (pale light blue)
B12 Ice Blue (a fresh med. pastel blue)
B14 Light Blue (intense medium blue)
B18 Lapis Lazuli (dark indigo blue)
V09 Violet (deep purple)
V22 Ash Lavender (pale gray purple)
BV11 Soft Violet (lilac purple)
BV13 Hydrangea Blue (deep almost denim blue purple)
RV52 Cotton Candy (pale pastel pink)
RV55 Hollyhock (deep strong pink)
R56 Currant (paler mauve)
R59 Cardinal (fresh deep red cherries)
RV69 Peony (deeper than R59, just darker)
R12 Light Tea Rose (light peach, a tad lighter than E95 above)
YR68 Orange (good medium orange)
R14 Light Rouge (deep medium orange)
R17 Lipstick Orange (red orange, a couple of steps deeper than R14)
R29 Lipstick Red (a clear medium red, true cool red)

I need some more skin tones and the refill for E00. These are on my wish list:
Baked Clay E99 (wet cat pot color)
Pale Fruit Pink E000 (just a tinge darker than Skin White E00)
Barely Beige E11 (very neutral looking beige on SD’s skin tone list)
Lt Suntain E13 (nice beige)
Special Black 110 (looks like a very dark gray-on line)
Atoll YR65 (a bright light orange, looks like the Bic Summer Melon I use a lot)
Yellow Y06 (pale yellow I don’t need, looks darker online than the Y13 I have)
Tahitian Blue B04 (med. blue that I want for my Bic-Hot Aqua a deep teal)
or Process Blue B05 (med. blue deeper than B04)
or Petroleum Blue BG07 (med. blue green toward teal)
Pale Purple RV000 (barely there pink ? is how it looks online)
Raspberry RV66 (mauve purple)
Prawn R24 (orange/rosey blush, I’m drawn to it!, it’s very similar to R43)
or Coral R35 (pinky blush…I will need to see how similar it is to R43)
or Bougainvillaea R43 (peachy pink) Just pick one! LOL
Cool Gray C1 (pale gray darker than No. O Gray-the palest one)
Cool Gray C4 (a nice gray between C1 and my Bic Mark it Cloud Nine gray)
Pistachio G43 (almost a florescent green-how it looks online)

Jennifer McGuire’s Copics

Suzanne Dean’s Copics List (you will have to click through, start list, blending list, etc. to see her lists and jot them down or download the lists)

Sandy Allnock’s Skin Tones Video


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