Christmas 2014 Stockings from Painter’s Drop Cloth

Hey Crafters!! I hope you’re all getting your Christmastime Crafting done. Me? Well, a little bit. My stocking project turned out pretty cute.


I bought a painter’s tarp product at my local Lowe’s. The sales associate that greeted me in the painting isle, tore the corner open so I could look at the fabric. I’d asked her if she thought it was paintable? We decided it was.


Now that my project is done and not wearing very well, and I tore Millie’s stuffing it with goodies. I wish I had invested in a real canvas painter’s tarp/drop cloth. My concept was great, this particular product I purchased not so great… I spent around $8.00 for this paper drop cloth backed with plastic wrap. I was trying to pinch pennies.


I had a couple of stocking patterns, one was a cardboard that came in a store bought stocking and the other was hand drawn? They’ve been in my pattern stash for years! I reworked them by trimming or adding to them until I thought I had one that looked feminine and one that was bigger and bulkier and masculine.

There was tons of this painter’s paper in the package. I ended up cutting 4 pieces of each pattern per stocking, so they were double thickness for the fronts and the backs. I stitched 2 pieces right sides together and turned them (some of them tore where my stitching ended as I was turning them right side out), stitched 2 more pieces right sides together and turned them. Laid one on top of another and top stitched them together, forming the stocking. I had to be very strategic and turn the torn edges to the inside of the stockings. ;(

I really wanted a swirly pattern across the cuffs, but I just didn’t have a stamp that was big enough to do the job. I ended up using the jumbo Love wheel from Stampin’UP! I got great results by smoothing the acrylic paint out on my palette with my finger (a paint brush or foam paint brush would have worked well here too). A few drops of paint go a long way. 😉


For the Guy stockings, I used a Plaid foam fabric stamp, in the shape of a mitten. I had previously cut the cuff off of the stamp to make it easier to use. I do this often with these thick foam stamps and cut them with a sharp paring knife from the kitchen. That way, I can stamp each section the color I want and not have to worry about lining the stamp up each time for each section of stamping.

My original plan was to stamp the Girl cuffs in Blue and the Guy cuffs in Red, then the Mittens in Blue for the Guys. The Snowflakes really needed to be Blue and somehow I got lost in creating and stamped all of the Cuffs in Red. It all worked out and I was pleased with the end results of my acrylic paint stamping.

For the Girls stockings, I also used a Plaid foam fabric stamp set, Snowflake that is 2 layers. I really thought I would only use the large image, but after doing the Mittens in both Red and Blue, I felt the Snowflakes need to be Red and Blue too. When the red stamped over the blue it created purple, cool!


These foam Alphabet stamps are a bit juvenille, but perfect for my hand made stockings


Be sure to wash your foam stamps in cold water with a little bit of dish liquid soap. I use Dawn, it is amazing for many things, including washing out fresh paint. It’s okay to use an old tooth brush or finger nail brush, but gently. Towel dry them with paper towels and then let them air dry, face up.



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