KitchenAid Christmas 2014

Hey Crafters!! I’ve got some dies from Simon Says Stamp on the way, I’m finally going to get my hands on some of their dies and a few Lawn Fawn dies with this order too, with my Christmas money. Thank You, Mom and Dad! I can’t wait until they get here! That sweet little village with houses and pine trees that Kristina Werner designed is at the top of this order. So many crafters have done beautiful things with them. Boston Terrier Love stamp and die set because I have 2 chis and my apple head looks like Simon, only she’s tan and white. A slope set from Lawn Fawn because I can’t resist Nichol Magourik’s shaker cards with hill scapes. I dearly hope the set I chose cuts the slope and the stitches at the same time. A Lawn Fawn journaling card 3 x 4 inches with extra tiny cuts (stars-hearts-banners-arrow heads and a reg. banner shape). A scripty “hello” die from Lawn Fawn.

I’ve also got an after Christmas order, in at because they offered me some Impression Obsession dies at 40% off, how could I resist that! I chose several that I want to use inside shaker cards. Some tiny holly leaves and berries, a tiny alphabet set, mini shell set, small mixed drinks set and a take out coffee cup that is bigger than the Quickutz one I have.

In the mean time, check this bad boy…475 Watts, 5 Qt. Lift Bowl…(Eeeeee! Happy Sound)


I’m just going to go ahead and admit that when my son in law called me to see what Wattage he should get for Katie, and I hadn’t looked at them enough to know what is really what or that they even came in different watts. What? I knew that Katie did not need the $500-$600 industrial one. I asked Cody, what is the price difference between the other 2 and it was $40.00, I suggested, get the one with more Wattage, easy peasy and Kitchenaid has a good reputation, so you’ll be fine and I’m so happy for Katie! He got her a red one. At this point the watt information he gave me was out the window and honestly it didn’t mean a single thing to me. Yes, I’m very shallow if it doesn’t pertain to me or my hobbies.

My daughter in law has a KitchenAid and now Katie does too. I whispered into my sweetheart (of 35 years) ear and he said start price checking them. It’s just like garden sinks, you could pay any price you want for them.

This is what I could find online:

Best Buy 4.5 Quart Bowl, Tilt Head, 250 Watts, 3 beaters, Reg. 299.00 on sale for 239.99, Red, White or Sliver. Brand New.

Wal-mart 4.5 Quart Bowl, Tilt Head, 250 Watts, 2 beaters, Regular 249.00 on sale for 199.99, White or Black. Refurbished.

Wal-mart 6 Quart Bowl, (prop tilt head) 575 Watts, 3 beaters, Regular 279.99 on sale for 249.00. Red. I’m not sure if these were New or Reburbished, I must have zoned out on this one.

Sam’s Club 5 Quart (Lift) Bowl, 3 beaters, 475 Watts, Regular 299.98, $50.00 off at register ($249.98) plus a $50.00 rebate ($199.98), choose any color online. Brand New. In Store it was Green Apple only. *(this is the one I chose)

On Christmas Eve we hopped into the car, drove right past Sam’s to Best Buy. A salesman and a sweet customer almost had us sold on a 300 watt Red one for 239.99, and we have a new points card for Best Buy, but I just had to go SEE the green one at Sam’s. Mike worked at Sam’s on Mon and Tue and had already looked at the Green and decided, No. I begged, please can I see the Green one at Sam’s. We popped back over the Bed Bath and Beyond to reassess what they had since we’d looked at them a couple of days before while gathering gift cards, while they had plenty of red ones. On the 24th, they only had a white one and an aqua blue one in the $199.00. I could have lived with blue, but that 475 Watts was still on my mind for the same price.

We then went to Sam’s, as soon as I laid my eyes on it, Yes, I knew this was it. We played with the shelf model for several minutes and cussed and discussed every thing about it. This model has a slow start, so it doesn’t poof the dry ingredients. Nice!
*There was no rebate on the reciept and *no rebate paper work in the box. We will be calling Sam’s and or KitchenAid to find out what is going on here.

–(Edited to add: I called Sam’s 12-29-14, Customer Service pish poshed the rebate for a couple of minutes and I kept saying, it was stated online and on their shelf information as well, $50.00 instant savings and $50.00 rebate, she tried to talk me into Sam’s “Instant Savings” being the Rebate, but I said I don’t think so a Rebate has nothing to do with what the store is discounting, so she checked with someone else, and Yes there is a “Rebate” and they have it at the Membership Desk, so I have to go to the store and pick up the rebate information. ***If you purchase at Sam’s and they advertise a Rebate, Be Aware that you have to *Ask for the Rebate, in order to get it or you will be calling and having to make a second trip…also note that while reading some of the reviews online, one customer said you *must have the Rebate paperwork and the *box the mixer came in to complete the rebate). Hub’s picked up the rebate paperwork and I’m barely in by my chinny chin chin, it must be post marked by 12-31-14. I will be under the wire 12-30. Whew!! What a sweet blessing for us.

Thank goodness Mike got a beautiful deer this season that he’s having mounted…I wasn’t going to ask for anything because we really did not need to spend this extra money. But from a “Tool” for deer hunting, stand point…well, need I say more? Yes, I am a very lucky girl.
We plan to purchase the meat grinder attachment for $49.99 and I will use the 20% off coupon on that.

So sorry AccuCut Craft, who cold called me earlier this week, wanting to know if I planned on making a purchase in the near future, since I have not ordered in a while, and by the way are you a professional crafter? I was too tired to realize I missed a great opportunity with that question, until discussing it with my husband later. I’m not a professional crafter, I’m just a Die-0-Holic and I make crafts for friends and family. I didn’t even mention blogging. What was I thinking? I was just too tired.

I made some Peach fried pies on Christmas eve with it and it stirs like a dream. I love the Lift bowl and have already used the wire whip beater for some yummy pineapple dip and the Flat beater for spice bar dough Christmas Day. I also have the Spiral Dough Hook, but I have a Bread machine that I do cinnamon roll dough in. I will be using my mixer mainly for sugar cookie dough, royal frosting and grinding deer meat into hamburger.

Extra information you might find helpful:
The tilt head mixers, priced at $199.99, 4.5 Quart bowl does twist into the base of the Mixer, so it doesn’t move either. Most of the mixers have the pivoting head, so the beater travels the perimeter of the bowl in a circular motion and eliminates having to scrape the bowl, this is something I did not know until we looked at them in person. There are instructions on how to adjust the movement of that pivoting head, in case it hits the bowl. They are made in the USA and the Warranty papers say Whirlpool on them. The $199.99 models have coated beaters and the larger units do not, those all metal beaters must be hand washed to avoid discoloration. Some had glass bowls and most had stainless steel. You sort of have to read the fine print to know whether they are New or Reburbished, this didn’t stand out to me at first and I got lost in the other details like Watts and Bowl size. The Watts online and in store were different, but you can read on the side of the Mixer Head or the Box to find out what the Watts are.




A couple of snap shots of all of us, Katie, Cody and Millie.

Amber and Jon.

Mike and I with Millie, my mini me.


The tree, half the lights are out, I may have to take off 2 strands and replace them next year.


My little garden bench and table, the chis are in here too, to the left of the table.


A few houses with people and snowmen. Millie loved moving the people and snowmen around and boy, did she give me a look (the same look that Katie gives me when she doesn’t like what I said, the same look I give Mike when I don’t like what he said, it’s a slow eye blinking in disbelief look), when I told her to stop playing with Nana’s people. She has a similar set up in the bathroom near her potty. And I kept telling her to go play with her people. LOL






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