Snowman Frame, Coffee Cozy, Christmas 2014, Diabetic Talk

Hey Crafters!! I got so caught up in my last minute crafting, that I failed to post these crafts. A quick video of last minute crafting for Christmas 2014, with a Snowman frame picked up at Goodwill, that was missing the buttons and the picture area, perfect to fix up with some stamping and die cutting.

Fabric Coffee Cozies for stocking stuffers or gifts, that I share how I made the pattern and my journey stitching these up. Enjoy!I hope you all had a Great holiday.



Our Christmas was very low key, with Papa Murphy pizzas baked around 1pm, a salad that Amber made, and a few sweets. Amber, my daughter in law, has gestational diabetes during her pregnancy. My little brother is diabetic and has been for 23 years or so. We made special desserts for him for years, but he always cheats and now he has a pump that he tells what he’s eating calorie and carb wise, so I’ve not given up completely, but we have other folks who have developed diabetes in the family too. So, I’ve started using half sugar and half Splenda in all of my food preparations that call for sugar. It’s so hard for them not to cheat. If you told me today that I could no longer have M&M’s and Pepsi, I would croak. And what’s the point in the rest of us having to suffer through desserts that taste weird because they have sweetener instead of sugar? I don’t know if it’s a good compromise or not, but it’s what makes sense to me and I’m rolling on.

Of course, Amber is not going to cheat because her baby is so very important, since he’s been 6 years in the making and she’s being careful. I asked mom if we had any good diabetic recipes and I didn’t like the answer she gave me, which was…it doesn’t really matter because she’ll have to count carbs and eat very little. Ugh…that is not what I wanted to hear. I don’t get it and I don’t retain it because it does not pertain to Me or Mine. Basically, carbs turn into to sugar, so it’s really complicated because fruit has carbs, potatoes have carbs, bread has carbs, etc.

This is why I made Peach Fried Pies and used Splenda in place of sugar, I added 4 or 5 dried apricots (cut very finely and boiled in some water to rehydrate them), drained the syrup off the peaches and added plain water(cherries come in water so this made good sense to me), flour and Splenda, dropped in a dash of Almond extract and Vanilla all in hopes of them not tasting too off with the sweetner. After they were all fried, I left some of them without powdered sugar glaze and they were Good. Later, after everyone went home, Mike and I ate some with Ice Cream and they were very good, just right in fact.

Some more Christmas goodies from my kids, I really made out like a Bandit.
Under Armour Hoodie from Jon and Amber, that is the perfect cross between Pink and Orange! And we love UA in this household. LOL This one feels like polar fleece on the inside and I’ve already worn it twice (yep, 2 days in a row). It’s just so cozy!

The rest is from Katie, Cody and Millie:
Oragami Owl Earrings, the eyes are rhinestones, so cute! These go with my OO charm necklace.

Wilton Dessert Decorator Ultra, what a great addition to my cooking tools.

Katie has a pampered chef one and I’d mentioned that I wouldn’t mind having one…Katie uses her for devilled eggs. 😉 There are 2 different heads, one takes a standard cake decorating tip and the other one takes a larger tip. How cool is that!? And did you notice that really long tip for inserting frosting or pudding inside cupcakes and pastries.

Turbi Twist (towels for my hair, when I shampoo!) Katie was hoping to make some for Christmas. They are made from the “magic rag” fabric.




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