Jan 2015 Name Tags & Google Rant

Hey Crafters!! I’ve got to get this video for the name tags posted, but I’ve been experiencing yet another Google nightmare. I did go to SU card class and should have the dies I ordered soon to share.

Name Tags first! These were so quick and easy, only stamping and the fastest marker coloring I’ve ever done on this blog. LOL Products are listed on the description of the video at YouTube.

Someone recently commented on one of my posts, more short posts and less of the usual crap. LOL The usual crap bogs me down and I can’t get anything else done because I’m spinning my wheels. Sure, nobody wants to hear it, but I’m so mad at Google. So, If you’d like to skip the Google rant, keep on truckin. I’m a problem solver. I don’t think things should be rocket science. Fall 2013 the Epic fail between YouTube and Apple ios7, 3 months to be resolved, so we could upload videos to YT again from ipad and iphone. Summer 2014 June to Sept/Oct. Epic fail of FeedBurner sending posts out from all of the Blogger Blogs, I didn’t get 75-80% of the blogs I’m subscribed to (4-5 mos.) for companies and bloggers to get sorted. Why did it take so long for Google to help people? A lot of them no longer use FeedBurner, they imported that service to another company.

I’ve been trying to sort the issues Google has caused me, by linking the old expired profile for my original blog started at Blogger in 2011(a Google product). It was horribly non-ipad friendly and WordPress happily imported my blog to their site in 2012. I did nothing and that old Blogger profile is still in Google Land. About 3 months ago they linked everything they have on me, YouTube, Google, and Blogger altogether in some attempt to do something genius, make people easier to find because they want to be like FaceBook. It’s been keeping me from posting comments on Blogger blogs with my WordPress Identity.

You know, I’m very thrifty and commenting is how I win some of my crafty products to use in card making. It’s imperative that I’m able to comment on blogs with my proper identity. Blogger Profile has been stuck in my Google information and stopped me from using my WordPress Identity. And if you click on my name next to my comment on a Blogger blog, it will take you to this expired profile with a closed email account. How convenient for Me. It’s my information and I’m not authorized to edit it! What genius came up with this? I’ve been having to type out my email address and blog in the comments on Blogger Blogs. No one can help me edit it. It’s on lock down, perhaps because I’ve logged in every day for 3 months about 10 times a day to try and edit it. It pretends to save the information, but when I check on it later, they’ve put back all of the inaccurate expired information. But when I sign in and look at it, it looks like I’ve put my real email address in? What the freak is that all about.

In addition to this inaccurate Blogger profile with an old email address on it that no longer works, my adult daughter (the crafty Katie) and I accidentally added her gmail email to my Empty Youtube channel from my ipad one day while we were busy crafting, I’d created that account in error when Google was forcing people to use their real names instead of nicknames on YouTube. I’d also created a profile for the empty channel as well, and when Katie put her gmail on it, I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of it and missed the one last change email they sent me to fix it before time expired. A nice guy in YouTube/Google+ linking issues was trying to help me but was email me at katie’s gmail address, that was helpful and smart especially since I’d told feedback the gmail was not mine and included my real email address for contacting Me. Mobile things like ipad and iphone automatically assume you are you and since Katie created that gmail addy on my ipad, it thought she was me. During the Seasons Givings Blog Hop, I finally asked her for the pass word, but didn’t need it and found those messages about 2 weeks ago by googling gmail log in.

Long story short, Google would not just change my email back to what it previously was. I finally had half a brain and logged out of everything and then back in to just Blogger, found an option to remove the connection between Blogger and WordPress, but it didn’t seem to work even thought the option was clearly gone. And they won’t just delete the inaccurate Blogger profile that no longer has a blog. I’m frustrated and furious. I’ve spent a lot to time researching and twisting things up even more, in their roundy round called the help file. It seems like there are a lot of indians and very few cheifs! Where are supervisors that can edit and fix things? Why do we have to go post somewhere on a forum and hope someone, whom you have to explain your issue to about 3 times before they figure out you really do have half a clue and do have a problem that needs fixed? Beyond the average person’s control.

I’ve deleted the empty YouTube channel with it’s own profile, which is all attached to my Active YouTube channel, craftqueen417. Nice! I deleted the gmail address and lost all of the help information there. I tried to correct my primary email address on Blogger and Google and inadvertently created another Empty YouTube Channel. I’m not typically stupid, but there was nothing that said I was creating a new channel. It just magically shows up when you go to log in. So, I’ve deleted another empty channel and the profile I created for it because ipad automatically puts the information that Google loves about me in all the slots. So, I’ve removed that account today! Someone in Blogger forum is trying to help me, although they have no idea of how to delete the dumb profile, but had me empty cache and cookies in my browser Safari and I seem to be able to post comments again with my WP identity. Really, can that be the culprit? Or has someone finally disconnected Blogger from my real information? Why do we have to have Google+ to use YouTube anyway? I’m not going to post there, I have my blog for that. Can you see me pulling my hair out? I have so many things to share, but have been wrapped up in Google.


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