Homemade Pedialite to Rescue My Chi from Low Blood Sugar Jan 2015

Hey Crafters!! Benny and Sadie with our grand daughter this past Summer.

IMG_6745.JPGThis is a video sharing some tips for my Chis when their blood sugar falls too low for them to eat. This is an emergency situation brought to my attention by Benny not being able to sit still. He paces the floor in a figure 8 sort of way around the furniture, accompanied by shaking or shivering, panting or drooling. Once you get to the drooling stage, your dog is in some serious trouble and I make some homemade pedialite and give them peanut butter. Chis are just more sensitive than other dogs. In the past, we have always left dry food out for our big dogs and they never abused their food, but the chis will EAT and EAT until all their food is gone. Our retired vet was always on me about their weight, so now they only can eat when I give them food. We may have to look at this system and make some changes. I’ve also recently started buying better food, food that says Chicken or Lamb as the first ingredient, instead of Bone Meal or Corn Meal. I’m sure I could do even better, but it’s a start. When changing food, all dog food bags will tell you, to change slowly mixing in the new food with the old food and I have done that.

I had Benny to the vet last week for his shots, which I don’t think had anything to do with his low blood sugar this morning. But he’s been getting into trouble with it about once a month. This new to us vet, said that Benny does have a tiny little heart murmur on the left, that we have never been told of before and perhaps this has a little something to do with it, since it’s the flow of blood through his heart?

I did talk with Mike this afternoon and he confirmed that Benny refused his treat this morning, so I was pretty close in my guess that he didn’t have his treat. I was trying to blame it on Mike, but this means that Benny was already in trouble around 7am and wasn’t able to eat his treat. I made puppy breakfast early today because both Chis popped out of bed about 8:30am. They usually get breakfast around 10am.

Have you ever been in trouble like this before? I have once, when we were moving from Arkansas to Missouri. It was a Saturday and I was home with the kids, packing. I was still working 40 hours a week and getting both kids to school in the AMs, while Mike was already in Missouri working. We did this for 3 months until our house sold and closed. I skipped breakfast and was packing things into boxes, missed lunch too because I was ready to be moved and all back together again. I ended up stuck in the hallway on the floor. I’d run out of steam and could not move one more muscle. Jon was in 3rd grade, I asked him to make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which he did. I could not eat it. I took a bite and I was so sick feeling, I couldn’t chew it up or swallow it. I felt like I was going to vomit. I had him get me a little glass of milk and I drank that and laid in the floor until I felt good enough to get up and eat my sandwich. It was the most miserable feeling I had ever had and I hope to never ever have again. And it was before the days of cell phones, 20 years ago!

This video is located here

We love these little poos so much! They are almost people. They think they are people. LOL
A picture of Sadie



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