Valentine’s Day 2015

Hey Crafters!! I made cinnamon rolls and sugar cookies. I thought it would be nice to split the rolls and cookies with the kids. I should have posted these on Feb. 14, but WP duplicated my post and lost the one I continued to work on Feb. 14th..   I was too tired to figure it out and I was participating in all of the PTI challenges for their 8th birthday and Feb. release (and won 1 of the $80 gift certificates, so it was worth it!!). And they are not perfect, but baked with love and were delicious!!  Video at the bottom sharing some of the gifts I bought for my girls  and my self at Target and Antique  shops.

Lips and Staches

Rose Buds



Valentine Decorations:  A second hand metal wall pocket for $3.00, that I spray painted pink! Added a ribbon bow and a tussie mussie to.

I found this adorable little metal Valnetine Angel (tea light) at the Antique Mall  for $4.00  and had to have it!

This cute Napkin Holder was $1.99 a the Antique Mall too.  I just love Napkin Holders for the Holidays…

I  wanted to put something cute over the stove in the kitchen.  This is a wood silverware tray turned on it’s side, I rummaged through some drawers and found some items to fill the spaces with.  The top is a couple of cookie cutters  from Wal-mart  from 2014’s gift giving  and a little trinket box, old beaters and some Easy Bake items, measuring spoons and a very large cake decorating tip!    I just love the pops of red, silver and pink!!!    A vintage chopper on the left and my MaMa’s  (pronounced Maw-Maw’s)  antique  toothpick holder on the right.

I also picked up this pretty flowerpot full of mini rose blooms for $3.00 at the antique shop too!  I really love it. 

A snapshot of the table and makeshift buffet.  Someday in the near future we will paint over my faux bricks  and I will move this sad potting table outside and bring the real buffet that matches that old wood dish cabnet back into  the house!  But my buffet needs some TLC and repair, I just don’t know how to do it.  


I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day!  

Click here to watch the video

The video includes the goodies I got for my girls and a couple of tips for creating a football sugar cookie and a heart shaped cake, in case you don’t have those shapes in cutters or cake pans. The mini silicone heart pans are from Dollar Tree, large heart pans were second hand, the silicone scrapers were from Hobby Lobby. I used 2 of the floral cards from the PTI bday contests and the lady bug bag w/shaker tag as part of the girl’s gifts, but did not have time to make the girls a holiday decoration.  Also in this video, some cute mini mail boxes for Valentine’s day, carrot bubble necklaces, Hello Kitty metal mail box, Kid’s fork and spoon, storage bins ALL from Target and Valentine M&Ms from Wal-mart.  Plus, Sucker molds for the melting disc candies.


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