Millie’s Farm Birthday Banner & a Cool Vintage Find

Hey Crafters!!  I did not have time to play in Kathy Rac’s color challenge today, unless I squeak it out before bed.  But I did manage to finish Millie’s birthday banner!  And I really love it…and that’s saying a lot.  LOL  And I did repaint a cool vintage cart that I found a few months ago at a second hand shop in Billings, MO!!  They have the best stuff at the stop light in Billings!!   It’s at the bottom of this post.


I originally thought the animals would stand on the letters of her name, but the letters were too big for the base of the banner, so things got flipped and I really like how vivid her name is.  

These poor little cows  are just fine in the overall result of the banner.  Whew!!


 I LOVE  these Pigs!  They were definately worth  the journey of bad pigs refined into good pigs.  LOL  

The chickens turned out cute too!!  

Another cute Pig!  Oink…Oink…  
The rooster’s legs were just too long for placement below the “i”, so I cut them down  here on on the barn piece as well.  

Another cow!!  Moo!!

This is how I assemble my banners, on the floor, it allows me to get the right spacing between each banner piece.     I used cotton crochet yarn  for the string  and fashioned a faux bobby pin from a short lenght of craft wire (shown in the photo below this one), to sew  my yarn through all of the holes  and went through each hole twice for limited movability of each banner piece.


I ended up suspending the Barn from the 2 letters in the middle, and used the Crop-o-dile to make all of the holes. Plus I used a 5/8″ hole punch to make reinforcements for the backs of the holes.. The Banner is 2 pieces of card stock, but the barn is only 1.  


Reinforcement hole centers were also cut with the crop-o-dile and glued together behind the holes in the banner and barn (for the Barn attachement only).  


I thought I had a before picture of my cool vintage cart, but I may have had to delete it in my constant battle with storage on my mobile devices.  LOL  It was white with chipped places revealing the original red, which looked pretty cool after I sanded and cleaned it.  I had asked my son Jon to repaint this for me for Mother’s day, but he just had a baby in March and he’s a very busy guy.  I wanted to use it at Millie’s party.  And I had 2 cans of blue spray paint in the garage, I used the lesser one for the inside of the legs and the belly of the top shelf, then the other one for the outside bits.  I think it’s going to be fun!  I will be using this in my crafty studio too!!  It’s perfect for projects in progress.  



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