Father’s Day Cards 2015 – Stamping + Water

Hey Crafters!!   Today is Day 17 in Kathy Racoosin’s 30 Day color challenge 2!  And she did an amazing “window” card, but I’m crunched for time and really needed to squeak out my Father’s Day cards.  Millie’s Bday preperations and having my grands up to 4 days a week has shortened the time I get to play.  

I cut my water color panels with the stitched rectangle die from SSS Bundle of Stitched Shapes.  

For this Deer card, I stamped the tree 1st, then the deer on the right, added water and more darker brown to the deer to indicate a face, depth to the ears, front shoulder-plus leg, and back hip-plus leg.  Added more color to the tree  because this stamp is not level and does not stamp well, added more color and water to the tree to fill the blank spaces and let dry.  Stamped the Left deer,  restamping his rump area where there was no tree to darken that part of his body, added water to his body and another front leg (where there should be one!!  LOL)  which, might have made better sense, if the tree were stamped lower, but rolling on!  Added some sky color, let dry and added the sentiment and mounted this panel on a brown card base.  I love my Right Deer!!  

The Boat card was started by painting in a blue sky.  When I picked up this piece  it seemed more like water than sky, so I flipped it upside down.  The boat was stamped 1st in SU Pacific Point, then overs-stamped and off set with SU BLack, which is the gray looking line you see below the boat.  It didn’t look right,  and I took a Sharpie fine point marker and drew the main lines of the boat back in.  Added a little bit of green to the water for a more “lake” water look  and drew in some flying birds.  Stamped the sentiment and mounted on a blue card base. 

The pale blue background was added first with SU’s Costal Cabana, over the whole panel and allowed to dry. Due to the flaws in my pine tree stamp, I chose to stamp each side of the tree on the edge of the water color panel  and blended them out with water (yikes, looks like I should have blended better on the right), pulling some of the green along the bottom to bridge the gap between the trees.  Stamped the right deer  in full strenght ink and immediately did a second generation stamping for his shadow.  Stamped the left deer and did his shadow too.  For some reason I had a whim to make a blue horizon line, at the base of these mountains!!  And I really do know better..  It was bad.  So bad, that you can see I had to really work on the mountains to get anything half way that looked like Mtns. to the point, I completely forgot to add water to my deer!  Ohh deer….Katie was on her way to finalise some tags for Millie’s birthday party  and I skurried along and now see  I forgot them.  Added the sentiment and put this one on a gray card base.  * On Sat. I did go back and fix these deer!  See photo below  this one.

 I diluted the deer with water and added a bit more brown ink with the aqua painter, diluted the trees out a bit more too and added that 4th leg to the deer on the right. (why do artists intentionally create animals with 3 legs?)  I don’t know, but it drives me nuts.  


I started by adding the sky color in SU’s Tempting Turquoise.  And stamped this car in Going Gray, then did a 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation stamping behind the full strength ink card, in hopes this created movement.  Ha! Ha! Ha!  And we’re moving on.  I originally diluted the gray lines of the car, since my son has a little white cool car and added blue to the windows, all good.  Then, I decided this needed a big ole sunshine, so I removed some of the sky with water  and let dry.  Added the sun, great!!  Had on odd whim, to have some sunshine reflect on the hood of the car.  Big Mistake!  Washed it off with more water.   Added a gray ground and diluted the “”movement” cars with water, stamped the sentiment and called it done, but didn’t like it.  LOL  Yeaaah, it happens.  Went and did the other “white car” card below  and it was much better, which sparked an even better idea for this sadder card.  So, I made the car this orangy red color, which is the color of my husbands sports car!!  Oh, yeah, I’m back in and kickin it  in the cool car department.  Muhahahahahaha!!   After all, there is almost always a way to salvage it…

* On Saturday, I did add more color to this car as well, see photo below this one.

I used SU’s Poppy Parade to add more color to this car!   


Okay, this base got a gray wash for the sky, and let dry.  Stamped the SU motorcycle in SU Black..   Scribbled aa red  and dark pink Crayola washable markers down on an acrylic block and PU with a wet aqua painter for the red bits.  Drew in all of the “chrome” with a gray Crayola marker  and diluted it with water, let dry, drew in the chrome again.  Drew in the seat and tires  with a blackish Crayola marker.  Drew in the bumpy  off road landscape  with a gray Crayola washable maker and diluted it with water.  Stamped the sentiment and put on a red card base. 

Cool Wite car card #2, made like car card above, only without the mistakes.  Only one shadow car, in the wrong place…uhh….rolling on.  Jon will be getting this card.   

Did this motorcycle card, similar to the one above, only lighter.  The chrome bits are weak!!  But really, this stamp is so inaccurate, (like my Blogger Profile that no one can delete for me but Google insists on keeping it attached to Me), that it’s hard to color and I loose patience with it.  ((Wah–Wah))   I just kept fiddling and tweaking the one above and I like it better…I think this is the one Katie took for Cody.  


Canson Water Color Paper Pad (from Wal-mart).  Recollections multi color paper packs, 65 lb.  (for card base and this is really too light weight, but it is what I have.  


PTI:  In the Meadow (deer and tree),, Spring Hills (Happy cut away from the spring Birthday sentiment and used with FFather’s Day from Year Round Happiness.   Stampin’UP!  Need for Speed 122717  (car and boat)  and Motorcycle 1176657.

Dies:  Simon Says Stamp, Bundle of Stitched Shapes SSSD111412.


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