Kathy Rac’s 30 Day Oct 1 2015

Hey Crafters!!  It’s Day 1 of Kathy Racoosin’s 30 Day Color Challenge Oct. 2015.  Today Kathy has repurposed a Star Bucks coffee cup into an element on her card.  I had saved a pizza box during the last 30 day challenge and ultimately threw it away in the trash can in my craft room.  Thankfully, the trash doesn’t get emptied often there!  LOL  And I scooped it out, die cut it and colored it with Copics for future use on a card. (Fair Warning:  this take out item did not have Copic friendly ink on it and stained my Copics, just be careful about recycling things with unknown ink on them)


I probably need to go back and color in the background, but time is ticking on and I’m late posting.  
Here is a 20 minute video trimmed down from real time of 40 minutes.  Yikes!  Copics used are in the video, if you have any questions be sure to ask and I’ll find the answer for ya.  PS:  I did go back and clean up the ink under this sleeve!  LOL  Now, that I can see it clearly…

Are you playing?  Click on Kathy’s name above to go directly to her 1st post.



2 thoughts on “Kathy Rac’s 30 Day Oct 1 2015

  1. Hi! I’m sorry the ink ran on that cute chef on the pizza box, but if I ever do something like this coloring project, I’ll know to spray it with some fixative before I try to color it. Popped over from Kathy’s Racoosin’s coloring challenge blog post. I’ve been using coloring pencils to color in my projects. I think I’m getting the hang of coloring with them now. Want to try wet coloring pencils next.


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