Copic Door Bell Cover~Kathy Rac~Oct 17 2015 Video Montage

Hey Crafters!! This was Day 17 in Kathy Racoosin’s 30 Day Color Challenge, Oct. 17, 2015. Today Kathy shared a Christmas colored image from Power Poppy Blog hop.  Click HERE  to check out her post.
I colored the Door Bell ringer cover, that was a bit weathered, plain, non painted ceramic, I picked up years ago at a $1.00 shop. And it was looking pretty sad with abroken button too.I used a couple hands full of copics and made it pretty! I hope you don’t mind the photo montage, since I don’t have a camera stand for my iphone! LOL  

If you’re reading this post in an email pop over to my blog for the Photo Montage at the bottom of this post.  I would love to know what you are creating this Fall or in Kathy’s Challenge this month or any fun decorations that you have purchased. 😉  So, please do share.

When I posted this, I just noticed I failed to add black dots to my Lady Bug!  Shhhh…maybe no one else will notice.  I was texting Katie at the same time to see if I could deliver her the chalk painted cabinet I refinished for her late Birthday… (Photo Montage coming Soon!!)

Next to my Fall Wreath…

 My Front Porch decorations this year 2015, I’m afraid they are very similar if not the same as last year!  But that pumpkin is new to me, snagged that at the big corner shop in Billings, MO.  for $3.00.  The Katie Crow on the left, made in the likeness of my very own Katie and even wears her clothes. Katie turned 26 this Fall.  LOL  The happy little crow  boy that I snagged from ny neighbor’s trash several years ago.  Millie is facinated with his hair and hands, she just turned 3 this past Summer.    (The old original door still here, but the door bell is where it has always been!)  LOL Totally weird.  

This Squirrel was munching on acrorns the whole time I was coloring!!  He’s on the right hand handle of the wheel barrow.  They have a big nest in this large oak trree and sound like a herd of cats romping across the roof tops.

  Copics: YR68, R29, R59, V09, YG25, G99, E27, E35 and Black Bic Mark It. When done it got 2-3 coats of clear spray paint. I hope you like it and I hope my neighbors do too, because they rarely ring the bell. Enjoy!!


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