Wood Burning Spoons Stocking Stuffer 2015

Hey Crafters!!! Time is ticking down! The stocking stuffer goodies I did for my girls this year were inspired by the lovely Ashley at the Makeit-Loveit blog. 

If you’re reading this post in an email, pop over to my blog for the video posted at the bottom of this post discussing using the wood burning and how to tie the perfect bow every time. 

This is a great inexpensive gift if you already have a wood engraving kit and I do! I’ve never used it before, but as soon as I saw the spoons, I was in. LOL. 

Be sure to visit Ashley’s blog, she shares so many DIY things for any level crafter.  


The MAINSTAYS 4 piece wood spoon set was purchased at Wal-mart for $2.00 per set. They were rough (Made in China). I had to sand on them quite a bit as they are just a lesser quality than they used to be. Perhaps, shop around. We looked at the Dollar Tree, but didn’t find them. Wal-mart also has nicer quality individual wood spoons for around $2 each if you need something top notch. I was purchasing for several people at once and opted for the bags of spoons. 😉 

I ended up using the most blunt tip in the wood burning tool, with the best success and smoothest wood burning and writing. It may depend on the wood you are crafting on and these spoons were fairly soft wood. And the spoons were treated with 1 coat of Mineral Oil to seal them a bit. This is the same oil used on home made cutting boards. =)

This sideways photo are of the last set of spoons burned.  And they are great compared to all of the others!  So, maybe practice on some scrap wood first to get the hang of the wood burning tool.  I also found my tool seemed to heat more on one side than the other, so if your’s seems slow, turn it for better results.

The Gingerbread spatulas from Hobby Lobby are a Sleigh Bell Bistro (Made in China). Regular $3.99, but we’re on 60% off and I got them for $1.36 each. Yay!   I Love a good deal. They were a bit rough too and I used my small paper scissors to trim any excess plastic off of the G.Man and the handles to clean them up, since I couldn’t find my sanding paper.  
Vintage Santa cookie cutters were purchased from an Antique store last year! I used some Amuse brown ribbon to tie the spoons together and added some Jillibean soup red ric Rac to attach the Santa cutter.  
Have a Very Merry Christmas!! I’ll be back with the Nautical gift I created for my husband soon! Enjoy!


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